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Decorative Plate in White Green for Ideal Home Decor


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Product Description

About the product: Adorn your living space with the decorative plate in white green colour. The unique shaped decorative item carries a classy design. It complements any home decor accessory also it enhances the beauty of your living room. The classy table decor item measures 30 cm in length, 22 cm in width and 49 cm in height. Made from porcelain, bronze and wood, the modern decor item is strong and durable. Designed with alluring shape, it is sure to get you compliments.

How to care for the product: You may clean the decorative plate in white green colour with a dry clean cloth, and it becomes as good as new. You may also wipe clean it with care or simply handwash it. While carrying the item, care should be taken to hold the porcelain body.

Why buy the product: The decorative plate in white green may be placed in your living room or your bedroom. Accessorize your living space with the decorative piece. Enhance your home decor by placing this item on the table top. It is strong, durable and easy on maintenance which makes it an ideal buy. You may also present it to your special ones. Shop now the decorative plate in white green colour and get ready to receive compliments from your friends.

Length (cm): 30
Color: White / Green
Height (cm): 49
Country Origin : HK
Colour: White
Width (cm): 22
Dimensions (LXBXH) (cm): 30x22x49
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