Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries

Who can buy from 2XL Home?
How do I buy products at 2XL Home?
How can I contact 2XL Home?
How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
How can I stop 2XL Home emails from landing in my spam folder?

Registration And Account

Is it compulsory to register on 2XL Home?
How secure is my personal information?
How do we protect your personal information?
How do I register? Can you discuss the benefits of registration?
Does my registration expire?
What if I forget my password?


How can I make a payment?
What can I do if my Debit/Credit card is compromised while making a payment online?
What should I do if I receive a “Transaction Failure” message but the money gets deducted from my account?


Where do we deliver our products?
What if I’m not at home when my order gets delivered?
I placed my order today. When will I receive the shipment?
Does 2XL Home have any shipping charges?
Does the ordered product’s price include the shipping cost?
Where does the discount on my order reflect?
What should I do when my order arrived is damaged?
Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?
What is your warehouse policy?

Orders, Tracking, And Delivery

How do I order products from 2XL Home?
Can I place an order without registering online?
How can I track my order?
Do you deliver to multiple addresses?
Can I change my delivery address?
What arrangements do I need to make at home during the time of delivery?
Can you mention the areas where you do not deliver?
Can I schedule my delivery?
Do you deliver outside UAE?
Do I need to present any documents when my order arrives?


What happens if a product I want to buy goes out of stock?
Is there a limit to the quantity I can order?
Can I cancel my order?
Can I change the shipping address of the order?
What is the process of cancelling an order?
How do I get the refund if you cancel the order?
After I have cancelled the product, when can I expect the refund?
How will my refund be calculated if I pay my amount partially using a debit/credit card and partially with my 2XL Home credit store?


What are your Return/Refund and replacement policies?
Can I walk into your store and return my product?
Can I return or exchange a product by courier?
How can I schedule a pick up to return my product?
How can I receive a refund for the merchandise which I have returned or cancelled?
Can I book a return online? What is the process?
Can I return a product after I have discarded the packaging?
When will you pick up the products to be returned?
How do I receive a refund for orders paid by credit/debit card?
Can I return part of a promotional purchase in case I received the discount on the total cost of purchase? If yes, how do I get the refund?
What if I return part of an order that I paid using my store credit balance?
I paid for part of my order with a store credit balance and the rest using a Debit/Credit card. Now, I want to return a part of my order. How will my refund be processed?
Can I return the product directly to your delivery partner at the time of delivery?

Other Information

Do offers and promotions appear on 2XL Home?
Do the prices online vary from the prices in-store?

Buy Now Pay Later With Tabby

What is Tabby?
How to use Tabby
What are the requirements to apply for Tabby?
How does the Tabby instalment option work?
Can I pay for my order via Tabby before my due date?
Is there a credit limit with Tabby?
Why can't I find Tabby in my payment options on the Payment page?
Why am I unable to pay using Tabby?
How will I know when the Tabby payment is due?
How do I pay Tabby back?
What happens if the Tabby automatic repayment fails?
Where can I view the orders and outstanding amount on Tabby?
Why can’t I find Tabby in my payment options on the website payment page?
Why am I unable to pay via Tabby?
How can I get a full refund for the order purchased through Tabby?
How can I get a partial refund for the items purchased through Tabby?
What happens if the Tabby order goes out of stock or is cancelled?
Can a customer change the instalment tenure after placing an order?
My Tabby payment is due, however, I haven’t received my products yet. What should I do?
Are there any additional changes when I pay with Tabby? What are the fees I need to know about?
How can I reach out to Tabby directly to get an update about my issue?