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Attention Customers: Weather may impact delivery times. We appreciate your patience.
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Coffee & Tea Sets

Start your day with your favourite drink with our coffee & tea set! Whether you are looking for something classic or modern - 2XL Home brings a variety of options for you to explore.

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Tumbler & Sets

Tumblers, without a doubt, are a must-have for every home! Now browse through our wide range of tumbler sets online to mix and match your favourites today!

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Water Pitchers & Bottles

Stay hydrated with our exclusive collection of water pitchers. From glass to silver plated design, pick your go-to to store your drink in a clean and elegant container!

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How to Pick The Perfect Teapot and Flask?

Choosing the apt Cups, Kettles, Storage containers, and Teapots is a fun diversion that complements your tea time. Variety always attracts compliments and praise from the guests too. At 2XL Home, you'll find a bewildering selection of sizes, shapes, and embellishments in Teapots and Flasks to choose from.


Teapot & Flask Material

Teapot Materials

You will be surprised to find multifarious material varieties in teapots. Glass, ceramic, porcelain, clay, cast iron, silver, and even aluminum are a few to choose from. Each material comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Always give priority to quality over anything else while choosing to serve wares.

Porcelain Teapots

Because it has a low heat transference as compared to other materials, glass teapots are ideal for brewing white and green teas, but they don't keep the tea hot longer than ceramic teapots. Porcelain teapots are ideal to boil white and green teas as they don’t require longer boiling time. But not an ideal choice to boil black tea as they don't retain heat well.

Glass Teapots

Glass pots are ideal to brew tea which you are eager to display and draw attention to. Especially herbal and exotic tea options. The thickness of a glass pot may vary, although they don’t often come as very thick. The main disadvantage of a glass teapot is, it's not insulating, resulting in tea cooling off very quickly. You will see the mesmerizing view of tea leaves unfolding and spreading the tint of tea to the boiling water, but it may also result in infusions of color on the glass walls of the teapot.

Ceramic Teaware

Black teas benefit the most from the excellent heat-holding capacity of ceramic Teawares. They have glazed interiors to avoid absorbing any of the tea's tastes. Since black teas are brewed at a higher temperature, using this material will keep the tea hot for longer. A teapot spout should taper very little at its tip for the best pouring results.


Teapot & Flask Capacity

You may find teapots with sizes ranging from 14 ounces to 66 ounces in the market. Make sure the size and the number of cups you regularly brew before purchasing one. Make no compromise on the quality even if you have to spend a little extra. Tea tastes better if boiled properly and that calls for a proper and quality Teapot. A 30-Ounce teapot is a size you need to accommodate four individuals with tea, Green teas are traditionally brewed in smaller teapots, whereas black tea is brewed in larger pots since it is typically offered in greater quantities than their herbal counterparts. Loose black tea also requires more room to steep, which a more rounded pot might provide. If you buy a larger pot and only make a small amount of tea, the space will allow the tea to cool down more quickly.

Care and Maintenance


  • Don't use soap to clean your teapot after each use; only use hot water. Wipe clean the outside while the pot is still hot.
  • Use only a soft towel to clean your teapot, never steel wool or a scouring pad, to prevent scratching the porcelain.
  • Teapots should be dried thoroughly, with the lid removed every time.
  • Leaving water or tea in your teapot for too long can cause unsightly stains or rings.
  • Make sure your teapot is dry (on the inside and out) before putting it storing and keep the lid stored separately if possible.


Teapot & Flask FAQs

Are tumblers for hot or cold drinks?

Tumblers are versatile drinkware that may hold either hot or cold beverages, though the latter is more common. A typical one has a straw and a lid, but no handles and is made of BPA-free plastic.

Are tumbler cups microwavable?

Tumblers and mugs (without lids) are suitable for microwaves for up to 30 seconds, provided there is no Microwave warning on the base.

What kind of glass can be used in a tumbler?

A short, sturdy tumbler that can carry 6 to 8 ounces of the drink is a lowball glass, an Old Fashioned glass, or a rocks glass.