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  1. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED350 Regular Price AED539
  2. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED45 Regular Price AED69
  3. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED97 Regular Price AED149
  4. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED389 Regular Price AED599
  5. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED71 Regular Price AED109
  6. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED67 Regular Price AED89
  7. Forest Gallery Canister
    Special Price AED29 Regular Price AED45
  8. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED35 Regular Price AED54
  9. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED29 Regular Price AED44
  10. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED45 Regular Price AED69
  11. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED51 Regular Price AED79
  12. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED38 Regular Price AED59
  13. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED58 Regular Price AED77
  14. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED58 Regular Price AED77
  15. Loving Architect Canister
    Special Price AED47 Regular Price AED63
  16. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED35 Regular Price AED46
  17. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED47 Regular Price AED62
  18. Candy Jar
    Special Price AED51 Regular Price AED79

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Complete your kitchen with our salt & pepper shakers! Now season your food in style with our elegant designs to give your food the perfect zing!

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Food Warmers & Casseroles

Are you having a house party? Our food warmers & casseroles are your one-stop solution. Now serve your dishes hot and fresh with our elegant collection. Scroll down to find your pick today.

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Whether you’re looking to have picnics or family get-togethers our trays are perfect for serving your favourites! From drinks to snacks, sizzling dishes and more - carry your food in style with our elegant designs.

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Hold on to the Sweetness with Candy Holders

Candy jars are a super-cute, elegant, charming, and nostalgic addition to your home accessories. They have the power to bring back memories of a playful childhood. Remember trying to reach for the jar at the top of the kitchen shelf? The excitement of opening the lid to find your favorite candies will rush in and spread a sweet joy reminiscent of simpler, carefree times! 


How about bringing some back with 2XL Home’s candy holders?

Buy Elegant Candy Holders at 2XL Home


2XL Home brings you elegant and attractive candy jars of high-quality materials. Be it steel, glass, wood, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, mango wood, or antique brass - feel free to choose the perfect materials to evoke those sweet memories! When it comes to serving function and aesthetics, candy holders are available in sets and individual units in various sizes! So whether you’re considering them for yourself or as a gift, be sure to find a range of options to choose from 2XL Home.


But how should you choose the right candy holder for you?

Things to Consider While Buying Candy Holders


Candy jars are containers of surprise! You can store much more in them besides candies. From jellies, sugar, tea, and coffee beans to spices and dry fruits - you can store them all into these holders.


Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing candy holders:

Types of Candy Holders

Candy holders can differ in their sizes, materials, shapes, and more. However, there can rarely ever be as many types of jars as the candies they hold! At 2XL Home, you can find three candy jar sets, traditional ceramic and wooden jars, elegant aluminum and stainless steel jars, and unique antique brass jars that make wonderful gifts to choose from.


Let’s delve further into the materials and storage options that candy holders offer.

Candy Holder Material and Storage


Although most candy holders are made with materials that do not affect the edibility of food, you must consider the items you want to store in them. For instance, a glass/ceramic jar would be more suitable than metal if you plan to store pickles or spices. Also ensure that your containers are air-tight to keep the items fresh for longer.


Choose from the amazing collection of candy holders from 2XL Home. Find durable and sustainable materials like glass, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, and antique brass candy holders.


Wondering what candy holder shapes you can explore?

Different Shapes of Candy Holders


2XL Home has a candy holder for all, whether you like them cylindrical, rectangular, round, or in elegant unique shapes. We’ve also kept in mind ease of maintenance, so you can wipe out the jars and clean them hassle-free.

Candy Holders FAQs

What kind of jars should I use to store candies?

Air-tight lids are ideal to store candies as they retain optimum freshness for longer. The shape is no bar, but choosing clean styles without too many grooves or ornate designs will make them handy and easy to maintain. These jars also collect less dust and dirt. 


What material is the best for Candy Storing?

The most popular material to store candies is glass. Being transparent, these glass jars are perfect for showing off the appetizing colors and shapes of candies stored in them. 

If you’re looking for a gifting option or just want to keep your goodies out of sight, you can also opt for opaque materials like ceramic and antique brass.


Is there any standard size for candy holders?

There is no standard size for candy holders. You may choose the size and shape you like most and which suits your requirements the best!