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  1. 3 Tier Dish
    Special Price AED217 Regular Price AED289
  2. Side Dish
    Special Price AED197 Regular Price AED262
  3. Serving Dish
    Special Price AED224 Regular Price AED299
  4. Side Dish
    Special Price AED247 Regular Price AED329
  5. Side Dish
    Special Price AED82 Regular Price AED109
  6. Side Dish
    Special Price AED81 Regular Price AED109
  7. Side Dish
    Special Price AED119 Regular Price AED159
  8. Serving Dish
    Special Price AED397 Regular Price AED529
  9. Serving Dish
    Special Price AED79 Regular Price AED105
  10. 2 Tier Dish
    Special Price AED329 Regular Price AED439
  11. Serving Dish
    Special Price AED79 Regular Price AED105
  12. 3 Tier Dish
    Special Price AED172 Regular Price AED229
  13. 2 Tier Dish
    Special Price AED161 Regular Price AED215
  14. Serving Dish
    Special Price AED412 Regular Price AED549
  15. Serving Dish
    Special Price AED464 Regular Price AED619
  16. Serving Dish
    Special Price AED397 Regular Price AED529
  17. Serving Dish
    Special Price AED412 Regular Price AED549

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Guide to Buying Serveware Dishes Online


It is a fact that the dishes you use for serving delectable fare to your guests make a statement about your tastes and choices. It plays an instrumental role in setting the tone for every meal, be it casual or fancy. 2XL Home offers a wide range of serveware dishes at reasonable price points. There are many colors, shapes, patterns, and so on to choose from.


Buy Serveware Dishes at 2XL Home

Food is always a highlight, whether it's a party, family gathering, a festive event, or just a cozy dinner with close friends. Choosing the right serveware dishes can make your party all the more enjoyable with delicious food and drinks. Piping hot fare, when served on appealing serveware dishes, is bound to take your guests by delight. Though primarily designed for functionality, serveware dishes add aesthetic value to your dining experience as well. Make sure you choose some standout pieces which will leave a lasting impression on your guests’ minds. 

Buying Serveware Online | Things to Know 

When it comes to placing food neat and attractive, serveware dishes are indispensable. You must choose them carefully so that your purchase is sustainable, convenient, as well as stylish. Understand the different uses of serveware dishes, ranging from formal events to everyday meals, from family occasions to house parties, and so on.

Serveware Dishes | Types 

Each course demands a distinct type of dish. Depending on the type of serveware dish, their placement on the table also changes. For example, serveware dishes that are specially designed to hold condiments or sauces should ideally be placed at accessible points on the dinner table setting. Your choice of serveware enhances the presentation as well as the mood of the occasion. 2XL Home will spoil you for choice with its exquisitely designed serveware dishes.

Serveware Dishes | Materials

Serveware dishes are available in a wide choice of materials. Terracotta ware, bone china, porcelain, ceramic and melamine are  a few in the list . All these materials boast their individual features and qualities. You should be aware of their specifications and intricacies to make a wise choice when browsing through our wide collection of serveware dishes. You must know that terracotta serveware dishes are preferred for their non-toxicity and the fact that they can hold the food’s aroma for longer; on the other hand, ceramic dishes are for their ease of use; besides, they are resistant to stains and are therefore easy to maintain. Wooden serveware dishes are scratch-resistant and don’t conduct heat, making them a universal choice.


Serveware Dishes | Shapes 

Serveware dishes are conventionally round, as they not only frame the food naturally but are also convenient for dishwashers or hand-cleaning. However, you can experiment with different shapes to give your dining table a new look and feel. For example, you can go for triangular dishes to serve desserts, say a slice of cake on one end and fruits on the other end with a larger expanse. This will lend a balanced look to the dish in terms of color and texture. Square plates add a contemporary, playful twist to casual lunch or dinner menus. Once considered the epitome of modern chic dining, square plates work well with asian fare. If you’re serving burgers, fish and chips or sharing platters, rectangular serveware dishes are your best bet. 


What is considered serveware?

Serveware comprises serving bowls, platters, salad bowls, dessert bowls, casseroles, soup pots, teapots, etc. Basically, any form of dish that is used to bring and present food to the table is considered serveware.

How many types of bowls are there?

Broadly there are three types of bowls: soup bowls (which may or may not come with handles), finger bowls (used to rinse fingertips), and ramekins (used for solid foods). 

How do I choose a serveware?

Serveware should be chosen by taking into consideration a number of factors such as shape and size, longevity, material, occasion, style, and so on.