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Food Storage& Organizers

Say goodbye to cluttered space, thanks to your super-efficient organizers. With these multifunctional designs, you can now store your spices, cutleries and dinner sets in style to utilize every inch of your kitchen as much as possible!

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Trays: What do they serve?


It is very rare to find one such kitchen utensil which has multiple purposes. Even though trays are primarily invented to serve drinks and food, You display it as a decor, and a stand for table decor too. Get your hands on a huge collection of contemporary style and instantly appealing serving trays and platters in 2XL Home.


Serving Trays & Platters


You are invited to choose from the multifarious varieties of serving platter and trays from the 2XL Home collection. A tray can function as a catchy decor in your living room, a tray with a raised side can serve plates of food as well as drinks. It will help to keep things in place and not to fall. Nowadays you may find trays with hand-painted designs to fit into the perfect centrepiece in your living room.


How to Buy Trays


People pay very less time and attention while selecting a tray. The primary aspects you look for are size and colour of the tray. Another rarely explored function of a tray is to serve as a decor or a stand to showcase your decor. You will be surprised to see the vibrancy a decor tray can bring to your living room. The tray you used to serve food is not the tray you use for coffee in the evening. If you are someone who looks for aesthetics in trays you will be thrilled to explore the collection of trays and platters in 2XL Home. Our functionally curated section of tray and platters will be an answer to all your queries.


Serving Trays | Varieties

A serving tray comes in different styles and designs according to the item it serves. A tea tray is more elegant and made of wood and metal whereas a tray which is to serve food is a more sturdy one. You may find a tray which has neatly kept magazines, condiments for your pizza or pasta. Drinks on each occasion are served in different types of trays too. Trays with compartments are also popular these days which are suitable to serve tea bags, sugar and coffee sachets. Kids are always fascinated by trays with compartments. You never would have looked at trays as a multi-functional one but you are someone who has a clear idea on what to look for, It is not much of a task. 


Trays for Occasions

Irrespective of the shape of serving trays, you should be mindful of the size before buying one. It is usually recommended that your serving tray should be half the size of your coffee table. If you're using it for the dining table, you can go for two square or circle trays. Make a note of the dimensions of the tray and also the surface where you’ll be using it. Both should be proportionate so that the tray can be used conveniently. A tray may come in different designs but the sizes are mostly small, medium and large. If you are aware of the space where the tray serves, it will be easy for you to find the perfect one which fits.


Serving Tray | Materials

Metal trays are very useful for serving food and beverages since they not only flaunt an elegant look but are also durable and easy to clean. Likewise, melamine trays are also long-lasting, though frequent washing might lead to fading eventually. If you’re looking for trays to keep things organized, such as remote controls or magazines, wooden trays are the ideal pick. These also lend a classy and sophisticated look when placed on coffee tables or ottomans. They are often accompanied by a glossy coating to protect them from liquids and food stains. On the other hand, Rattan trays score high on versatility, as they can be used indoors and outdoors with equal ease. Serving trays are also available in plastic, acrylic, bamboo, etc. 

Serving Tray FAQs

How big should a serving tray be?

The most common placemat size for a serving tray is 13 inches by 19 inches. According to the rule of thumb, your serving tray should be half the size of your table/ottoman. 

Can trays be washed in the dishwasher?

Regular aluminium trays and trays coated with a non-stick coating should not be washed in the dishwasher. 

What is the common wood used to manufacture trays?

Non-porous hardwood wood is normally used for trays. However, woods such as teak, hard maple, American Cherry, Olive, and acacia are ideal types of wood for trays.