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  1. Finian 3 Seater
    Special Price AED4,676 Regular Price AED7,195
  2. Alvar 5 Seater
    Special Price AED9,346 Regular Price AED10,995
  3. Bella Bench
    Special Price AED1,537 Regular Price AED2,795
  4. Bella Stool
    Special Price AED838 Regular Price AED1,525
  5. Alice Bench for House Decoration
    Alice Bench for House Decoration
    Special Price AED2,759 Regular Price AED4,245
  6. Fleur Bench
    Special Price AED1,407 Regular Price AED2,345
  7. Burton 1 Seater
    Special Price AED3,506 Regular Price AED5,395
  8. Miller 5 Seater
    Special Price AED9,686 Regular Price AED11,395
  9. Leslie 4 Seater
    Special Price AED3,478 Regular Price AED8,695
  10. Vendome Modular Left
    Special Price AED2,694 Regular Price AED4,145
  11. Virginia Corner Sofa Cream
    Virginia Corner Sofa Cream
    Special Price AED11,641 Regular Price AED13,695
  12. Edmond 4 Seater
    Special Price AED4,707 Regular Price AED7,845


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Discover our collection of fine contemporary shelves and cabinets to match your interiors. Now organise your space with our modern designs and multifunctional units for a clutter-free home!

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