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  1. Studs Decorative Candle
    Special Price AED79 Regular Price AED105
  2. Rubiks Decorative Candle
    Special Price AED79 Regular Price AED105
  3. Eclair Decorative Candle
    Special Price AED79 Regular Price AED105
  4. Cloudy Decorative Candle
    Special Price AED23 Regular Price AED31
  5. Archy Decorative Candle
    Special Price AED23 Regular Price AED30
  6. Pearly Decorative Candle
    Special Price AED67 Regular Price AED89
  7. Low Pillar Candle Set
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED55
  8. Tall Pillar Candle Set
    Special Price AED38 Regular Price AED51
  9. Low Pillar Candle Set
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED55
  10. Low Pillar Candle Set
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED55
  11. Candleholder
    Special Price AED97 Regular Price AED129
  12. Gianni Candle Holder
    Special Price AED184 Regular Price AED245
  13. Candleholder
    Special Price AED119 Regular Price AED159
  14. Candleholder
    Special Price AED67 Regular Price AED89
  15. Tall Pillar Candle Set
    Special Price AED38 Regular Price AED51
  16. Tall Pillar Candle Set
    Special Price AED38 Regular Price AED51
  17. Polka Decorative Candle
    Special Price AED27 Regular Price AED36
  18. Polka Decorative Candle
    Special Price AED27 Regular Price AED36


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Set Your Evenings Aglow with Unique Candle Holders

A tiring, long day of work calls for a good, relaxing respite; and candles literally make you look at the bright side of life! Immerse yourself in the amazing aura of relaxation and serenity with the fragrance of your choice displaying in elegant 2XL Home candle holders.


Want to explore the range of candle holders?


Buy the Best Candle Holders on 2XL Home

At 2XL Home, we ensure all your needs are met with a candle holder for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for functional, decorative, elegant, colorful or subtle, you're sure to find the right one at 2XL Home.

In addition to being a partner in unwinding, a candle holder, or a candle stand is also great as a home decoration element. It can elevate the aesthetics and mood of your dinner servings and add a touch of character to your events.


Let’s explore the relation between candle holders and home decoration.

How to Decorate Your Home with Candles

It's easier to understand the appropriate decoration when you know the purpose. For example:


Are you looking to brighten up certain dark corners?


A cluster of candles does wonders here! Try arranging different sizes of votive candle holders or tealight candle holders together in triangles. Being smaller in size, they light up the space without overwhelming it. 2XL Home has some elegant spherical glass votive candle holders that would perfectly complement the set up.

Looking for a romantic dinner date setting?


A candle holder can serve as a beautiful stand-alone showpiece on your dining table and set a mood to your meals. It can also hold the romantic amber glow of candle flames on your nightstand with an added touch of elegance.

Wish to enhance the visual and sensory appeal of your bathroom? 


Covered/shielded candle holders are a perfect choice! They will keep the flame from being put out. Shorter holders like the votive candle holder is another option you can consider.

And if a statement piece to elevate your interiors is what calls out to you, an ornate, colorful candelabra or candlestick could get you the artsy flair.

Additionally, if you're planning a thematic event, you can choose candle holders to match them. For instance, a rustic theme for winters would be well-complemented with ornate/contemporary metal/glass holders placed on burlap, and enhanced with a swirl of twines. You can also put a few cinnamon sticks around the candle for a sweet-and-spicy aroma, and set the holders on your table.


Benefits of Candle Holders

While they hold and support candles that will otherwise collapse on their own, candle holders and candlesticks have a host of other benefits like:

Safety: Without a secure base, there is a possibility of candles tipping over. Depending on where they're placed, the hot wax could spoil the surfaces, but more importantly, the flames could catch onto curtains and tablecloths, causing fire. The danger is undoubtedly a grave one. That's where sturdy candle holders come to the rescue.

Visual Appeal: Even the plainest of candles get a makeover with beautiful candle holders. You can pick statement pieces that seamlessly synchronize with the aesthetics of your interior and resonate with your personality. The flame will light up more character!

Prevent Spills: Another aspect of safety, candle holders also ensure that the hot wax doesn't spill over, causing skin burns or damage to surfaces.

A Contrasting Statement: A colorful, artsy candle holder can bring a unique flair to your otherwise empty tables. Pick one that's bold and stands out in your interiors. If your walls and furniture primarily consist of subdued/neutral tones like white, cream, or beige, choose a candle holder that's bright and eye-catchy, with a special connection to your personality.

On the other hand, if you love the tropics and your walls are washed with bright hues, imagine how quirky 2XL Home's white pineapple candle holder would look in the midst of it! The idea is to bring in contrast with an underlying similarity.


Aspects to Consider while Choosing Candle Holders

The Type of Candle: Candles come in various shapes and sizes. For instance, a candle stand will not be appropriate for tea-light candles. Candle stands and candelabras pair well with dining/coffee tables, nightstands, and mantles, while votive candle holders are suitable for precisely what they're named after - votive candles. 

Size: A flexible sized candle holder would be ideal - not too big nor too small, so that it can fit almost every type of candle. These sizes are also easier to place. Ensure that your candle sits in comfortably, so the chances of it tipping over is minimum.

Aesthetics: Aesthetics are highly subjective and depend entirely on individual taste. But ensure that your candle holder is not overpowering in sight. Pick something that either contrasts or complements the aesthetics of your space.

The Style/Theme: Consider the aesthetics of your interiors. For a modern and contemporary style, a minimal, less ornate candle holder suits better than a huge candle holder. For warm color tones and cozy interiors, you could go for the softer textures of glass/resin rather than the colder steel texture. Some materials are also more sustainable and environmentally friendly than others.


Frequently Asked Questions about Candle Holders

What is the appropriate size of a candle holder?

For a candlestick or a candle holder meant to hold taper candles, the standard diameter is 7” to 8”, and the height is 6” to 18”. For votive candle holders, the diameter is usually 2.5”. Their height should ideally be less than 3”


How do you keep wax from sticking to the candle holder?

An easy way to keep your candle holders clean of stuck, melted wax is by adding a few drops of water. You can also rub oil as a layer into the base before lighting the candle in the holder. 


What are the materials in which candle holders are available?

Glass, metal, and ceramic are candle holders' most commonly found materials as they're safe and durable. Resin is another material that some candle holders with interesting shapes come in. 

How do I choose a candle holder?

The primary factor to consider when choosing a candle holder is the candle it is meant for. You will find specific candle holders for tea lights and votive candles, whereas candlesticks and candelabras can hold taper candles. The candle holder's size will also vary based on the type of candle. Following these functional aspects, you should also consider the aesthetics of the space you're planning your candle holder to be in and the style/theme so that it synchronizes or complements your space.

Can you display candle holders without candles?

Absolutely! A candle holder can also be used as a stand-alone showpiece on tables, nightstands, and mantles. If you feel like it, you can also put flowers, plants, and decorative globes on your candle holders.