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  1. Trelleborg Corner Sofa
    Special Price AED5,647 Regular Price AED11,295
  2. Clement Coner Sofa
    Special Price AED11,996 Regular Price AED15,995
  3. Albertyne Corner Sofa
    Special Price AED4,697 Regular Price AED9,395
  4. Darnell Sectional Sofa Light Gray
    Special Price AED10,721 Regular Price AED14,295
  5. Caitie Corner Sofa in Beige to Complete Home Furniture
    Caitie Corner Sofa in Beige to Complete Home Furniture
    Special Price AED17,621 Regular Price AED23,495
  6. Brighton Corner Sofa
    Special Price AED4,822 Regular Price AED9,645


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Recliner Sofas

Now sit back, put up your feet and relax on our super-plush recliner sofa collection! From classic to modern - find styles that suit all taste buds to unwind in your comfort zone.

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