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Work Smart: Discover Functional Office Tables at 2XL Home UAE

Upgrade your workspace with our versatile range of office tables designed to meet your specific needs and style preferences. At 2XL Home UAE, we offer a diverse selection of office tables, including conference tables, desks, gaming desks, reception tables, and workstations, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your workspace.

Conference Tables

Facilitate productive meetings and discussions with our range of conference tables. Available in various sizes and designs, our conference tables are designed to accommodate multiple participants comfortably, making them ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms, and collaborative workspaces.


Create a dedicated workspace with our selection of desks, available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your requirements. Whether you need a spacious executive desk for your office or a compact writing desk for your home study, our desks offer functionality and style to enhance your productivity.

Gaming Desks

Elevate your gaming experience with our specially designed gaming desks. Featuring ergonomic designs and ample space for gaming peripherals, our gaming desks are perfect for avid gamers looking to create the ultimate gaming setup.

Reception Tables

Make a lasting impression on your clients and visitors with our stylish reception tables. Designed to complement any reception area, our reception tables provide a welcoming space for guests while reflecting your brand's professionalism and style.


Maximize your productivity with our range of workstations, designed to create efficient and organized workspaces. Whether you need a single workstation for focused work or a modular workstation for collaborative projects, we offer versatile solutions to suit your needs.

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Explore our collection of office tables online or visit our store to find the perfect furniture pieces for your workspace. With high-quality materials, stylish designs, and functional features, our office tables are sure to enhance your productivity and elevate your workspace.