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    Lion Round Rug
    AED 469
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    Football Tray
    AED 87
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    Icecream Wall Decor
    AED 182
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    Elephant Toy
    AED 219
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    Football Waste Bin
    AED 195
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    Sky Rug
    AED 769
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    Unicorn Wall Decor
    AED 129
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    Unicorn Wall Decor
    AED 129
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    Kids Table Lamp
    AED 439
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The kitchen is the heart of any home! So, make a statement in style with our elegant kitchenware collection. Discover our designs to find what suits you best today.

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Feel elegant, calming & effortless with our stylish range of designs & collections. Set the tone to your living room with your personality to make a statement of your own every day!

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Sofa & Seating

2XL Home brings you the one-stop solution for a comfortable seating experience! From sofas and chairs to recliners and more - we’ve got everything that you desire to create your perfect cosy look.

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Elevate Your Child's Space with 2XL Home UAE

Transforming your child's room into a playful and inspiring haven is easy with the extensive collection of kids' furniture and decor at 2XL Home UAE. From cozy beds and study desks to adorable soft furnishings and bathroom essentials, we offer everything you need to create a space where imagination can thrive. Explore our curated selection of high-quality, stylish, and functional pieces designed to cater to your child's comfort, creativity, and growing needs.

Kids Furniture

Comfortable and Functional Beds

Ensure your child gets the best night's sleep with our range of comfortable and sturdy beds. From whimsical themed beds to practical bunk beds and versatile trundle beds, we have options to suit every style and space.

Study Desks and Chairs

Encourage productivity and creativity with our ergonomic study desks and chairs. With adjustable heights and spacious surfaces, our desks provide the perfect setting for homework, art projects, and imaginative play.

Kids Soft Furnishings

Cozy Bedding Sets

Create a cozy retreat for your little one with our range of bedding sets. From colorful printed designs to soft and breathable materials, our bedding sets ensure a comfortable and restful sleep every night.

Plush Cushions and Throws

Add a touch of comfort and style to your child's room with our plush cushions and throws. Perfect for snuggling up with a book or lounging during playtime, our cushions and throws come in a variety of fun patterns and textures.

Kids Home Decor

Playful Wall Art and Decals

Transform blank walls into vibrant and imaginative spaces with our playful wall art and decals. From whimsical animal prints to educational alphabet decals, our wall decor adds personality and charm to any room.

Cute Storage Solutions

Keep clutter at bay with our cute and functional storage solutions. From colorful toy chests to stackable storage bins, our storage solutions help keep your child's room neat and organized.

Kids Bathroom

Adorable Bath Linens

Make bath time fun and enjoyable with our range of adorable bath linens. From colorful hooded towels to soft bath mats, our bath linens are designed with your child's comfort and safety in mind.

Playful Bathroom Accessories

Add a touch of whimsy to your child's bathroom with our playful bathroom accessories. From colorful toothbrush holders to themed soap dispensers, our accessories make hygiene fun and exciting.

Kids Study

Ergonomic Study Furniture

Create a conducive environment for learning and creativity with our ergonomic study furniture. From adjustable study desks to comfortable chairs, our furniture helps support your child's growing mind and body.

Organizational Essentials

Stay organized and focused with our range of study organizational essentials. From desk organizers to storage bins, our essentials help keep study spaces clutter-free and conducive to learning.