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  1. Extra 5%
    Serpent outdoor 1 Seater Grey
    (35% off)
    Special Price AED 3,052 Regular Price AED 4,695
  2. Extra 5%
    Serpent outdoor End Table Grey
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 945 Regular Price AED 1,575
  3. Extra 5%
    Serpent outdoor coffee table gray
    (35% off)
    Special Price AED 2,207 Regular Price AED 3,395
  4. Extra 5%
    Serpent outdoor coffee table gray
    (35% off)
    Special Price AED 2,337 Regular Price AED 3,595
  5. Extra 5% Last Chance
    Outdoor Fire Pit
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 336 Regular Price AED 839
  6. Extra 5% Last Chance
    Outdoor Fire Pit
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 272 Regular Price AED 679
  7. Extra 5%
    Cuscade Modular Loungechair 90X120X61Beg
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 2,067 Regular Price AED 3,445
  8. Extra 5%
    Aurora Lounge Chair110X100X65 Grey
    (35% off)
    Special Price AED 1,264 Regular Price AED 1,945
  9. Extra 5%
    Basilone 4 Seater Black Black
    (35% off)
    Special Price AED 5,229 Regular Price AED 8,045
  10. Extra 5% Last Chance
    Micah Pouf
    (50% off)
    Special Price AED 748 Regular Price AED 1,495
  11. Extra 5%
    Cuscade Modular Ottoman 90X60X38Beige
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 825 Regular Price AED 1,375
  12. Extra 5%
    Basilone CT 140x140x42 Black
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 3,207 Regular Price AED 5,345
  13. Extra 5%
    Cuscade Modular Armless 120X90X61 Beige
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 2,217 Regular Price AED 3,695
  14. Extra 5%
    Kian Dining Set(1 Table+2 Dining chair)
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 1,984 Regular Price AED 2,645
  15. Extra 5%
    Cuscade Modular Arm 90X37X50 Beige
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 747 Regular Price AED 1,245
  16. Extra 5%
    Cuscade Modular Ottoman 120X60X38Beige
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 1,065 Regular Price AED 1,775
  17. Extra 5%
    Alisa Lounge Chair 73X68X73 Grey
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 1,121 Regular Price AED 1,495
  18. Extra 5%
    Warren 3Seater
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 4,305 Regular Price AED 7,175
  19. Extra 5%
    Serpent 4 seater
    (35% off)
    Special Price AED 6,627 Regular Price AED 10,195
  20. Extra 5%
    Porter Dining Table
    (50% off)
    Special Price AED 1,333 Regular Price AED 2,665
    Only 3 left in Stock
  21. Extra 5% Last Chance
    Micah Side Table
    (50% off)
    Special Price AED 698 Regular Price AED 1,395
  22. Extra 5%
    Harlan Pouf 120X60X36 Grey
    (28% off)
    Special Price AED 999 Regular Price AED 1,395
  23. Extra 5%
    Harlan Pouf-Taupe
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 1,046 Regular Price AED 1,395
  24. Extra 5%
    Ada Fire Pit 61X61X41Black
    (70% off)
    Special Price AED 345 Regular Price AED 1,149
  25. Extra 5%
    Cuscade Side Table 90X45X42 Offwhite
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 1,287 Regular Price AED 2,145
  26. Extra 5%
    Warren 1Seater
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 3,093 Regular Price AED 5,155
  27. Extra 5%
    Alisa Side Table-Taupe
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 484 Regular Price AED 645
    Only 2 left in Stock
  28. Extra 5% Last Chance
    Jaxon Dining Armchair
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 718 Regular Price AED 1,795
  29. Extra 5%
    New yorkDining Armchair-Cream
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 1,084 Regular Price AED 1,445
    Only 1 left in Stock
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Elevate Your Outdoor Experience: Discover Quality Outdoor Furniture

Transform your outdoor space into a stylish and comfortable retreat with our collection of premium outdoor furniture. Whether you're dining al fresco, lounging in the sun, or hosting a gathering under the stars, our range of outdoor furnishings offers the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability.

Outdoor Dining

Entertain family and friends in style with our outdoor dining sets. From intimate bistro sets to spacious dining tables with matching chairs, our collection includes a variety of options to suit your outdoor entertaining needs. Crafted from weather-resistant materials, our dining sets are built to withstand the elements and provide years of enjoyment.

Outdoor Modular Sets

Create a versatile outdoor seating area with our modular sofa sets. Mix and match modular pieces to design a seating arrangement that fits your space and lifestyle. With adjustable configurations and plush cushions, our modular sets offer both comfort and flexibility for relaxing and socializing outdoors.

Outdoor Sofas

Relax and unwind in luxury with our outdoor sofa sets. Featuring durable frames and luxurious cushions, our outdoor sofas are designed for both style and comfort. Whether you prefer a cozy loveseat or a spacious sectional, our collection has something for every outdoor lounging preference.

Outdoor Living Essentials

Complete your outdoor oasis with our selection of living essentials. From umbrellas and gazebos to bird cages and outdoor decor, we offer everything you need to enhance your outdoor living experience. Create a shaded retreat, add decorative accents, and bring your outdoor space to life with our quality outdoor living essentials.

Picnic & Camping Gear

Plan your outdoor adventures with our range of picnic and camping gear. From portable tables and chairs to insulated coolers and camping accessories, we have everything you need for outdoor dining and recreation. Enjoy picnics in the park, camping trips in the wilderness, and outdoor adventures with family and friends.

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