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  1. Robo kids bed120x200white
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 2,996 Regular Price AED 3,995
  2. Reeve babybed 80x180x18 white
    (50% off)
    Special Price AED 1,998 Regular Price AED 3,995
  3. Nadine Kids Bed
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 3,559 Regular Price AED 4,745
  4. Claire Kids Bed
    (50% off)
    Special Price AED 2,248 Regular Price AED 4,495
    Only 1 left in Stock
  5. Kids Bed-Bunkbed
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 3,296 Regular Price AED 4,395
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Create the Perfect Kids' Bedroom with 2XL Home UAE's Furniture Collection

Designing your child's bedroom is an exciting journey, and at 2XL Home UAE, we're here to make it effortless with our extensive collection of kids' furniture. From cozy beds to practical storage solutions, our furniture pieces are designed to cater to your child's comfort, safety, and style preferences. Explore our range and create a functional and stylish space where your little one can sleep, play, and grow.


Kids Bedroom Sets

Complete Bedroom Solutions

Discover our curated kids' bedroom sets that offer everything you need to create a cohesive and stylish bedroom for your child. Each set includes coordinated furniture pieces such as beds, wardrobes, bedside tables, and more, ensuring a harmonious and functional space.


Kids Beds

Comfortable and Stylish Beds

Ensure your child gets the best night's sleep with our range of comfortable and stylish beds. From whimsical themed beds featuring their favorite characters to classic designs with timeless appeal, our beds are designed to provide a safe and cozy sleeping environment for your little one.

Kids Storage

Practical Storage Solutions

Keep your child's room neat and organized with our range of practical storage solutions. From spacious chests of drawers to versatile storage units with bins and baskets, our storage solutions make it easy to store clothes, toys, books, and more in a clutter-free manner.

Kids Wardrobe

Stylish and Functional Wardrobes

Find the perfect wardrobe to suit your child's storage needs and style preferences. Our range includes sleek and modern wardrobes with ample hanging space and drawers for clothing storage, ensuring your child's clothes are neatly organized and easily accessible.

Kids Furniture Misc

Additional Furniture Pieces

Explore our miscellaneous kids' furniture pieces that add functionality and style to your child's bedroom. From study desks and chairs to bookcases and play tables, our furniture misc collection offers versatile options to enhance your child's space.