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  1. Leira Super King Bed
    Special Price AED6,409 Regular Price AED8,545
  2. Claudia King Bed
    Special Price AED7,309 Regular Price AED9,745
  3. Charlotte King Bed
    Special Price AED6,941 Regular Price AED9,255
  4. Camden King Bed
    Special Price AED6,296 Regular Price AED8,395
  5. Selene Bed
    Special Price AED3,183 Regular Price AED4,245
  6. Lucien King Bed
    Special Price AED4,417 Regular Price AED6,795
  7. Ophelia King Bed
    Special Price AED2,272 Regular Price AED3,245
  8. Agathe King Bed
    Special Price AED2,248 Regular Price AED4,995
  9. Emilien King Bed
    Special Price AED2,248 Regular Price AED4,995
  10. Jeanne King Bed
    Special Price AED2,747 Regular Price AED4,995
  11. Amber King Bed
    Special Price AED5,977 Regular Price AED9,195
  12. Serenity King Bed
    Special Price AED3,798 Regular Price AED9,495
  13. Alvar King Bed
    Special Price AED5,696 Regular Price AED7,595
  14. Emma Cradle
    Special Price AED978 Regular Price AED2,445

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Everything You Need to Know About Beds 

According to studies, we spend one-third of our lives in bed; it's no surprise one should be extra-cautious when buying a new bed. Having a good night’s sleep plays a vital role in keeping the best of our health and spirit. 2XL Home offers an exquisite collection of functional, comfortable, and well-designed beds, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. 


Shop Online Bed Collection at 2XL Home

As the place we sleep or relax, a bed can make a significant difference in our productivity and quality of life. Besides, most beds these days boast versatile designs that can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. 


Research suggests that adults who sleep less than 7-8 hours for two weeks are more likely to experience anger, irritation, and depression. The importance of investing in a good-quality bed cannot be denied, since sleep is so crucial to both mental and physical health. We take great care to provide you with the highest quality beds at 2XL Home.


Selecting the Perfect Bed

Make a visual assessment of your room size and determine whether a big bed would be best or if you would rather save space for a dresser, chair, or desk by going for a smaller bed. The storage bed provides additional space for anything you want to keep but don't necessarily display in the room. Additionally, if you have pets or children, you should consider buying a low-height bed. Let's look at a few of the factors determining our dream bed!


Types of Beds


Beds can be divided into several types under different categories. However, the most common way to differentiate between the types of beds is based on size. Normally, a queen-size bed can accommodate two people and is one of the most popular bed types. If you still need more space, you can opt for a king-size bed. Whereas, children and toddlers usually prefer a single bed, which is the smallest bed type. When your kids' room is decently sized, it's best to have two double beds. 


Size of Beds


A key step in choosing the right bed is determining the bedroom's dimensions. Besides the length, width, and door frame measurements, you should also have a concrete idea of the proportion of potential bed space. Measure the length of the wall against which the bed will be set. Don't forget to take into account the windows, door frames, and built-ins you cannot block. If the door is going to swing into your bedroom, you need to keep clearance for that as well. 


Bed frames


The bed frame constitutes the foundation of the bed, for this is where you place the mattress. It provides the framework that lends stability, support, and style to the bed. These bed frames - also known as bedsteads - are made up of a variety of supportive structures. In the past, these were headers, footers, legs, side rails, etc. In contrast, bed frames today boast sleeker, minimalist designs. They are made of wood, metal, fabric, or leather. Choose the right bed frame for your bedroom based on its size, storage preferences, and decor.


Frequently Asked Questions About Beds


Which bed size is suitable for two people?

Queen size bed is the most appropriate choice for two people. The mattress is also long enough for adults of average height and still leaves enough room. 


Do beds have weight limits?

Most standard beds can carry up to 115 kg per person. This means they have a total weight limit of 225 kg for most queen and king-size beds. 


What size bed is most popular?

The queen-size bed is the most popular, especially amongst couples. With a width of around 60 inches and a length of about 80 inches, queen-size mattresses find the maximum number of takers on the market. It is also easy to find bed frames, sheets, blankets, and mattress protectors for beds of this size.