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  1. Planter
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  2. Planter
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  3. Planter
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  4. Planter
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  5. Arrowroot Tree
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  6. Planter
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  7. Dracaena Tree
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  8. Bamboo Tree
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  9. Poppy Watering can
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  10. Planter
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  11. Planter
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  12. Planter
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  13. Planter
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  15. Planter
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  17. Planter
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Outdoor Furniture

Elevate your outdoor setting with our luxurious essentials. Be it a coffee table, flower pot or a cosy seater - find your top pick 

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Transform Your Outdoor Space With 2XL Home Outdoor Accessories 

Outdoor accessories make your outdoor space a fun and pleasant place to be. They make your outdoor space more appealing and offer you the much-needed inspiration to spend time outdoors. 

Whether you enjoy solitude or are keen on spending time with your loved ones, outdoor accessories from 2XL Home can enliven your experience. Choose from beautifully designed planters, lanterns, and decoration pieces to accessorize your outdoor space. 

Outdoor Furniture sets


The thoughtfully crafted outdoor furniture and accessories from 2XL Home perk you with their fresh designs. You will find, the latest, finest, and most luxurious accessories with us. 


Our exclusively designed planters are high in aesthetic appeal, and so are the lanterns. They adorn your outdoor spaces to give a warm, inviting essence. Plant your favorite plants in our planters, enjoy the outdoor lighting of the lanterns, and throw in some comforting pillows and cushions with your outdoor furniture set. You are set to enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience. 



Planters add life and aesthetics to your living space. You can plant your favorites indoors or outdoors in these planters. Decorate any room or outdoor space with the available assortment of shapes, designs, materials, and colors. 

2XL Home brings you fine-looking, sturdy planters for the plants you most cherish. They can be in any space of your home or place of work, adding a pinch of charm wherever they are placed. The planters are made with multiple eclectic materials like iron, porcelain, and aluminum. Give careful thought to choosing a planter that is most suitable for your space. It can do wonders for your living space.


Lanterns are a traditional accessory often used to adorn and light up living spaces. Contemporary lanterns come in multiple designs, materials, and shapes and continue to be an integral part of home decor and lighting. 

You will find that the beautiful lanterns from 2XL Home are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. They come in many eclectic designs and are made using interesting materials such as cotton, porcelain, and glass. Lanterns give your outdoor spaces subtle warmth and outdoor lighting that is both classy and endearing. Choose the lamps that appeal to you the most to transform your living and working spaces into charming abodes. 


What material is best for an outdoor plant table?

Many different types of materials are used to make outdoor plant stands, including wood, metal, and bamboo. While metal is a popular material due to its sturdiness, bamboo is naturally resistant to rot and water.

How do you take care of a plant basket?

Spraying a coat of clear protective spray on the plant basket can make them last longer.

Can glazed ceramic pots be used outdoors?

Since glaze adds a water-resistant, non-porous layer of protection, glazed ceramic pots tend to last longer than non-glazed ones.  

How do you protect outdoor ceramics?

Using glazed ceramic is a good idea since the glaze reinforces the strength of the material, protecting it against the harsh sun and moisture too. 


Can I plant in a ceramic pot without holes?

Glazed ceramic pots are not porous. The holes at the bottom of the pot help the excess water to drain out.