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  1. Planter
    Special Price AED112 Regular Price AED150
  2. Wren Planter
    Special Price AED329 Regular Price AED549
  3. Wren Planter
    Special Price AED197 Regular Price AED329
  4. Jaxon Dining Table
    Special Price AED2,698 Regular Price AED5,395
  5. Jonas Swing Chair
    Special Price AED1,923 Regular Price AED3,845
  6. Jaxon 2 Seater
    Special Price AED3,313 Regular Price AED6,625
  7. Dalton Accent Chair
    Special Price AED613 Regular Price AED1,225
  8. Jaxon Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED898 Regular Price AED1,795
  9. Jaxon Coffee Table
    Special Price AED1,173 Regular Price AED2,345
  10. Zaiden Accent Chair
    Special Price AED1,953 Regular Price AED3,255
  11. Jaxon 1 Seater
    Special Price AED1,588 Regular Price AED3,175
  12. Dalton Side Table
    Special Price AED323 Regular Price AED645
  13. Travellers Palm Tree
    Special Price AED396 Regular Price AED529
  14. Talia Lantern
    Special Price AED118 Regular Price AED169
  15. Talia Lantern
    Special Price AED111 Regular Price AED159
  16. Artificial Long Twig
    Special Price AED12 Regular Price AED24
  17. Ariel Bird Cage
    Special Price AED131 Regular Price AED219
  18. Artificial Rose
    Special Price AED10 Regular Price AED19


The kitchen is the heart of any home! So, make a statement in style with our elegant kitchenware collection. Discover our designs to find what suits you best today.

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Feel elegant, calming & effortless with our stylish range of designs & collections. Set the tone to your living room with your personality to make a statement of your own every day!

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Give your bedroom the perfect lift with our curated luxury collection. Unfold a world of must-have designs and on-trend hues to transform your space, distinctly making it your own.

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Soak up the sun with 2XL Home’s stylish outdoor furniture

Most people spend a major portion of their days indoors. A modern lifestyle typically comprises busy schedules, and going outdoors is hardly a regular part of them. Yet it is true that a little sunshine, some fresh air, and some greenery can do wonders, and in a good mood, everything seems to be better! 

2XL Home’s well-designed, compact outdoor essentials bring the outdoors closer to your home. They are multifunctional pieces like outdoor chairs, outdoor tables, and coffee tables. What’s more, our outdoor accessories are made to infuse your daily lives with that pinch of much-needed freshness. Different types of decorative planters bring charm and make any space in your home look good. Take a look at the varied options we offer to choose what best suits your needs. 

Outdoor Essentials

Outdoor furniture by 2XL Home brings a relaxing and inspiring ambiance with a wide range of pleasant designer pieces. Our outdoor furniture pieces can be used in different settings, from living rooms to garden spaces. 2XL Home outdoor tables and outdoor chairs come in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials. If you have a small balcony, a bench or outdoor coffee table along with petite outdoor chairs are ideal. If you have a large group over for dinner, then the largest outdoor table you can fit in the area and plenty of outdoor chairs are ideal. When you're planning a party or expecting extra guests, outdoor coffee tables are also a great option. They are multipurpose and add style to your already elegant outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Accessories

2XL Home outdoor furniture is all about taking luxury to the next level and offering an ambiance in which people love to linger. Outdoor planters are a great addition to your living space. They come in an assortment of colours, styles, and sizes. Our outdoor planters serve as decorative pieces in your outdoor seating area and are also suitable for indoor use. Available in a variety of different sizes and designs, outdoor planters offer you the choice to spruce up your spaces with greenery and colourful flowering plants. Not only do they make it a pleasant space to hang out, but they are also a healthy and natural alternative. Check out our stylish outdoor planters to show off your favourite pots and plants!




What is the best type of outdoor table to use?


Different types of materials go into the making of outdoor furniture, and each has its own unique pros and cons. However, generally speaking, teak is quite popular as a preferred option for outdoor furniture.


Does outdoor furniture rust?


Rust is a common peeve when it comes to outdoor furniture as it has to be left outdoors for long periods. Since it invariably comes in contact with air and moisture, outdoor furniture is prone to rust. 


What kind of maintenance & care is required for outdoor furniture?


Your outdoor furniture needs regular maintenance and care, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the same. You may start with some light cleaning and sweeping using a soft brush or cloth. Using protective covers is also helpful.