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  1. Coffee Table
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    Special Price AED 2,643 Regular Price AED 3,525
  2. Kids Chair
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    Special Price AED 1,031 Regular Price AED 1,375
  3. Kids Study Desk
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    Special Price AED 1,856 Regular Price AED 2,475
  4. Kids Study Chair
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    Special Price AED 971 Regular Price AED 1,295
  5. Kids Study Chair
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    Special Price AED 896 Regular Price AED 1,195
  6. Quad Coffee Table 140X50X35 Brown&Black
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    Special Price AED 971 Regular Price AED 1,295
  7. Zeta Computer Desk 145X60X75.2 White
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    Special Price AED 2,006 Regular Price AED 2,675
  8. Zeta Computer Desk 145X60X75.2 Beige
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    Special Price AED 2,006 Regular Price AED 2,675
  9. Blanks Coffee Tble 162X63.6X45 Walt&Bk
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    Special Price AED 1,481 Regular Price AED 1,975
  10. Lauder Side Table 45X45X55 Black&Walnut
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 558 Regular Price AED 745
  11. Blanks tv stand 280.6X44.5X45.3Wal&Bk
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 1,968 Regular Price AED 2,625
  12. Zeta Computer Desk 145X60X75.2 Brown
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 2,006 Regular Price AED 2,675
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Living Room Essentials Guide

The living room is the space where you can enhance with elegant decorative ideas! Transform your home into a paradise by adorning with your favourite accessories and furniture. Be it with wall art, carpet, mirror or sofa- build your cosy retreat to spend quality time with your family and friends!


Whether you're looking for some inspiration for your living room or want to add a new addition to your home - our luxury pieces will elevate your space into an exciting one!


Shopping for furniture may seem like a difficult task. Here is our handy guide that can help you set up a perfect living with our finest collection.


One of the essential parts of an interior design is the furniture piece. The type of sofa that you choose reflects your personality and your lifestyle.
They are the key components for your living room. Sofa sets are also essential in terms of comfort.


Choosing a sofa set is not easy because it takes time to find the right one. Explore 2XL Home's divine collection to find your match - a design that is plush and at the same time cosy.

Console Tables

Console tables are great for enhancing your hallways. These tables give an eye-catching look that will add charm to your space! They also provide enough storage to make your home clutter-free. Whether you wish to adorn with a mirror or store valuable items such as a house key - our designs make room for them all.

Coffee Table & Side Table

Coffee table and side table are vital for any living room space. Be it to place your TV remote or serve drinks to your guests - a coffee table makes it a hassle-free experience for them all. Side tables help you store and reach out to all your essentials with ease. Be it your book or phone - they can accommodate anything.

Wall Shelves

Get a mess-free living room by using wall shelves. These designs are ideal for your living room - giving ample space and taking up less room. Apart from storing your favourite books and magazines, they can be used to adorn your home decor collection as well. Elevate your space from ordinary to extraordinary with 2XL Home's latest wall shelf designs today.


It doesn't matter if you're going for a minimalist look or a more flamboyant one, figuring out where to put away all the clutter can be a challenge. With open shelves and cabinets, you can instantly update any room in your home. The visual weight and interest they bring to a room are simply impressive. Cabinets are the perfect way to add height to a room.

TV & Media Units

Media units are a must-have for every home. Apart from placing your TV and speakers, they also provide plenty of storage that can be used to place all your living room essentials. Discover 2XL Home's latest collection to give your space an instant upgrade today!


How to pick the best living room furniture?

Based on research and feedback, here are some factors which help get the best living room furniture:

    • The size of your living room space
    • Your budget
    • Select a design theme before you shop


What kind of sofa should I buy for my living room?

Selecting a sofa is about one's personal preferences. Whether it's minimalistic, modern, or traditional - there are plenty of options to explore to match your style. Apart from your choice, you should also consider the size of your living room and the ambiance you want to create for your living room.


What TV cabinet size should I buy for my living room?

Pick a size that aligns with your living room size. It should also match the television you have and offer enough storage for all your living room essentials!


Are you dreaming of buying the latest designer and trendy home décor products in the UAE?