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Feel elegant, calming & effortless with our stylish range of designs & collections. Set the tone to your living room with your personality to make a statement of your own every day!

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Sofa & Seating

2XL Home brings you the one-stop solution for a comfortable seating experience! From sofas and chairs to recliners and more - we’ve got everything that you desire to create your perfect cosy look.

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Give your bedroom the perfect lift with our curated luxury collection. Unfold a world of must-have designs and on-trend hues to transform your space, distinctly making it your own.

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Build Your Dream Home with 2XL Home Designer Kitchenware Sets

As an indispensable part of home life, the kitchen has acquired a certain sacredness over the centuries. It is not just a space where you make food for daily survival. It is a place for the family to get together and partake in the shared joy of togetherness. Likewise, cooking is a revered and celebrated art, and the right kitchenware within a home makes cooking so much more enjoyable. 

2XL Home kitchen sets are designed to enunciate this very beauty of a kitchen. We offer a delectable collection of kitchen essentials. What’s more? It is the preferred choice for kitchenware connoisseurs. Aesthetic appeal and utility blend beautifully into the 2XL Home kitchen sets crafted to please and offer enhanced functionality. 

Dinner sets, food containers, tea sets, coffee sets, bowls, cawa cups, trays, plates, food storage, and organizers are just some of the kitchen set products that 2XL Home offers. Here are some of our beautifully crafted kitchenware items to help you set up a kitchen you are really proud of.

Dinner set, plates, and bowls

2XL Home dinner sets, plates, and bowls add class to your dining experience with their contemporary designs and alluring colors. They are easy to use, and their lavish appeal gains admiration from all. Furbish your dinner table with them for a memorable dining experience.

Coffee & Tea Sets and Tea Pots & Flasks

Our coffee sets, tea sets, and cawa cups offer you a range of options to enliven your mornings and evenings or whenever it is you hanker for a cuppa. While our coffee sets and tea sets make any occasion special, our teapots add a renewed elegance to your tea time. Enjoy our trendy flasks to carry your favourite beverages and adorn any casual or festive table layout.

Water Pitchers & Bottles, and Tumbler & Sets 

Our stylish water pitchers and bottles are great for keeping you hydrated through the seasons. They are chic and convenient to carry too. You can place them in easily accessible spots or use them on the dining or coffee table for a visually pleasing effect. Tumblers and sets are a compact way to make sure you can easily serve water or any of your favourite beverages to your family or guests. 

Food Storage & Organisers 

You need ideal food containers in order to enjoy and utilise your kitchen to its fullest potential. 2XL Home food storage and organisers are both practical and aesthetic, so your kitchen looks neat, organised, and pleasant. After all, an organised kitchen exudes happiness. Take your pick from our thoughtfully designed food storage and organisers to make your kitchen a blissful place to be.

Placemats & Runners, and Napkins & Accessories

We've got a wide choice of napkins and accessories for you. From brunches to cocktail parties, they are suitable for any occasion. 2XL Home placemats and runners are also a great addition to your kitchen and dining experience, with their contemporary designs and the convenience they bring. You’ll find that they are a pretty sight and go well with the rest of your decor.


2XL Homes bring you premium quality cutlery sets. Choose from a variety of spoons, forks, knives, and cutlery set holders to add a touch of elegance to your dinner table. They are an essential part of daily lives as well as special occasions. 

Complete your dining table with our premium quality cutlery!




Can I mix and match cookware or do I need to buy a set of just one material?


It’s absolutely fine to mix and match cookware. First, determine what type of cooking you need to do, how many people you would be serving, and what style and level of cooking you are comfortable with. Feel free to customise your kitchenware shopping list as per your needs.


Can I put these kitchenware in dishwasher?


Most 2XL Home kitchenware is dishwasher friendly, and you can easily enjoy the convenience instead of spending hours washing and cleaning by hand.  Some products may not be suitable for adding to the dishwasher, so make sure you check the instructions. 


Are these kitchenware oven-safe?


Almost all 2XL Home kitchenware is oven-safe. There may be exceptions in the case of certain materials, so you may want to check the instructions on the individual piece to make sure it is oven-safe.