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Adorable Silver-Gold Water Pitcher For Table Setting


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Product Description

About the product: If you want to render a classic appeal to your table setting, then consider buying the adorable silver and gold-coloured water pitcher. Made from stainless steel and brass, it features an elegant and sophisticated finish. Measuring 25 cm in length, 13.8 cm in width and 11.25 cm in height, it easily blends well with any dinnerware set and adds a special touch to the presentation. Shop now this silver and gold-coloured water pitcher which offers a truly elegant way to serve your family and guests.

How to care for the product: You may clean the adorable silver and gold-coloured water pitcher using a damp cloth lightly. It is not recommended to clean this dining table set item on a daily basis. You may not dish wash, only hand wash is recommended.

Why buy the product: The adorable silver and gold-coloured water pitcher complements any dining table design. Elegant and practical this stainless steel water pitcher can be used to serve a wide range of cold beverages. It is virtually unbreakable and is a great dining table set item to have for everyday use as well as on special occasions. It is easy to carry from one place to another with its curved handle. Serve your beverages in this lovely water pitcher and get compliments from your guests. It is designed interestingly to suit your choice. The silver and gold-coloured water pitcher can serve as an ideal gift for your special ones.

Length (cm): 25
Color: Gold Silver
Height (cm): 11.25
Hsn Code: 73269099
Country Origin : IN
Colour: silver
Width (cm): 13.8
Dimensions (LXBXH) (cm): 25x13.8x11.25
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