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  1. Cushion Cover
    Special Price AED97 Regular Price AED149
  2. Cushion Cover
    Special Price AED77 Regular Price AED119
  3. Zaria Comforter Set
    Special Price AED682 Regular Price AED1,049
  4. Arianne Duvet Cover Set
    Special Price AED272 Regular Price AED419
  5. Cushion Cover
    Special Price AED123 Regular Price AED189
  6. Cushion Cover
    Special Price AED71 Regular Price AED109
  7. Cushion Cover
    Special Price AED71 Regular Price AED109
  8. Cushion Cover
    Special Price AED90 Regular Price AED139
  9. Agnes Comforter Set
    Special Price AED695 Regular Price AED1,069
  10. Chantal Comforter Set
    Special Price AED656 Regular Price AED1,009
  11. Belle Comforter Set
    Special Price AED643 Regular Price AED989
  12. Christy Comforter Set
    Special Price AED643 Regular Price AED989


Bring your space together with our stunning accessories collection. Pick from our range of designs to uplift your space, in your own way!

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Up your interiors with our luxurious carpet styles ranging from classic to contemporary to give your home the perfect finish. Be it your living room or bedroom - now make any space pop with our eye-catching designs today.

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Wall Decor & Mirrors

Transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Now bring in a little bit of luxe & comfort to your space with our wall decor & mirror collection. Find your match today.

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Everything You Need to Know About Bedding

2XL Home brings you a wide range of comfortable pillows and blankets to explore that are available in various prints, fabrics, and colors. The smooth touch and luxury of these sheets provide a peaceful night's rest.


Transform your bedroom decor

With our bedding line, you can add a touch of flair and uniqueness to any room. Adding a wide range of luxurious and vibrant colors to a room's decor can have a striking effect on the overall look. Some of the bedding accessories we offer include the following:


Blankets & Quilts

Layer your bedroom with our elegant blanket and quilt collection. Whether you're looking for a light covering in the summer or a thick cozy one in the depths of winter - our eclectic mix has got you covered.


Pillow & Covers

2XL Home offers pillows that are best suited to your sleeping needs. Our pillows are made with pressure-adapting materials that support your body in the best possible way. Now drive into cloud-like comfort with our cozy collection today!



2XL Home offers luxury comforters, that are thick bedding toppers filled with premium, natural material. With the coziest comforters, you'll feel instantly at ease as they offer warmth in cool climates while effortlessly adding a lovely glow to your beds.


Duvet Covers

Duvets are a great way to ensure that you get a sound and comfortable sleep all night long. A duvet cover protects the duvet and is the most visible portion of your bedding. Explore 2XL Home duvet cover options to elevate your bedroom and match your furniture seamlessly.


Mattress Pad & Protector

We all know the value of a comfortable mattress for a good night's sleep. 2XL Home's thickly cushioned mattress pad works as a shield by adding a layer that protects the mattress, making it last for a long time. Immerse yourself in luxury and wake up refreshed with our collection today.



A throw is a great addition for any home. No matter where you unwind whether on a lounge chair, bed, or sofa - this item is a must-have. Take a look at our wide variety of throws to give your home a cozy and stylish finish.




Should I launder my new bedding?

Yes, it is ideal to wash them beforehand before you use new bedding.


How do I wash my blankets & duvets?

When washing your duvet, follow the instructions on the care label to see if it can be machine cleaned or hand washed, depending on what the manufacturer suggests. Maintaining the hygiene of your duvet is a must.


What are your bedding and bed sheets made of?

The most frequent combination is cotton/polyester, although other options include cotton/bamboo, cotton/rayon, and nylon/polyester. In terms of cost and durability, blended textiles are an excellent option.