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  1. Genoa Mirror
    Special Price AED2,846 Regular Price AED3,795
  2. Miszha Wall Mirror
    Special Price AED2,794 Regular Price AED4,299
  3. Solen Bath Mirror
    Special Price AED922 Regular Price AED1,229
  4. Solen Bath Mirror
    Special Price AED922 Regular Price AED1,229
  5. Apple Plaque Wall Decor
    Special Price AED60 Regular Price AED109
  6. Geometric Painting
    Special Price AED569 Regular Price AED759
  7. Geometric Painting
    Special Price AED569 Regular Price AED759
  8. Pear Plaque Wall Decor
    Special Price AED60 Regular Price AED109
  9. Surf Painting
    Special Price AED569 Regular Price AED759
  10. Apple Plaque Wall Decor
    Special Price AED60 Regular Price AED109
  11. Abstract Painting
    Special Price AED569 Regular Price AED759
  12. Wall Decor
    Special Price AED115 Regular Price AED229
  13. Wall Decor
    Special Price AED115 Regular Price AED229
  14. Ocean Wall Decor
    Special Price AED428 Regular Price AED779
  15. Amrin Bath Mirror
    Special Price AED161 Regular Price AED214
  16. Ocean-Fish Painting
    Special Price AED389 Regular Price AED649
  17. Wall Clock
    Special Price AED255 Regular Price AED509
  18. Wall Mirror
    Special Price AED1,070 Regular Price AED1,945


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Bring your space together with our stunning accessories collection. Pick from our range of designs to uplift your space, in your own way!

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Up your interiors with our luxurious carpet styles ranging from classic to contemporary to give your home the perfect finish. Be it your living room or bedroom - now make any space pop with our eye-catching designs today.

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Beautiful Wall Decor For Your Home

Home is where your heart belongs. Now embrace beauty and color with stunning wall decor and mirrors from 2XL Home. Find stylish wall decorations such as mirrors, framed paintings, and photo frames, as well as showcase wall shelves, display shelves, clocks and more - all with the click of a button.


Things to Consider While Buying Wall Decor

Art can draw you in without you even realizing what appeals to you. There are a variety of reasons why people invest in art pieces. Perhaps you want your house to reflect the good times you've shared with your family. Or maybe you want art that keeps up with the ever-changing world around you. No matter what your reason may be, 2XL Home can help you create wall art that allows you to express yourself. Take the time to assess the space for which you intend to buy the work of art. Don't be afraid to experiment, and don't forget the overlooked areas.


What Can You Buy Online from 2XL Home?

2XL Home offers a wide range of minimalistic and effortlessly elegant wall decorations that will add personality to any setting. Here is a quick look at what is available online.


Wall Paintings

Painting a wall can transform a space and bring it to a whole new aesthetic level. And nothing beats the impact a wall painting has on a space in terms of its color and texture when it comes to serving as a centerpiece. Make sure to consider the size and location of the artwork when making your selection. It's possible to add a focal point to the wall by hanging a huge painting or to frame it by hanging a variety of smaller paintings. It won't matter which way you go, you'll have a stunning room design that everyone will admire.


Wall Mirror

Adding a mirror to your room will give the impression of more space, which will add depth to the room. We offer unique mirror designs that add character and structure to any space and complement other textures in it. You need to position them correctly and then select the appropriate frame and design. A strategically positioned mirror highlights it to its best advantage. Whether you're looking to reflect a picturesque vista, a high-quality architectural feature, or a beautiful light fitting, a mirror is a great choice.


Wall Clocks

Adding a clock to your wall will enhance its design and give it more personality. Add a touch of elegance and texture to your space with 2XL Home. There is a wide variety of colors, designs, and materials available to suit any decor or preference. From old-fashioned clocks with a rustic feel to modern clocks with sleek forms - we have got you covered. Incorporating a clock in the room that chimes pleasantly and emits a sense of harmony can enhance its aesthetic value. It is also possible to choose a clock design that takes inspiration from nature.



How do I find my decor style?

You learn more about your decor taste as you experiment with them. Colors, textures, the combination of elements, and the architectural style of your home all play a crucial role. These along with a touch of your personal style can help bring your space together.


What's a cool way to add a new look to my walls?

There are many ways to liven up the walls in your home. By incorporating pieces with complementary hues and patterns, you can easily maintain the freshness of your walls, regardless of how vibrant or subdued they are.


How do I choose artwork to match my space?

Your home's interior design will benefit from any piece of art that serves as a focal point. Select a work of art that contributes to the ambiance of the space.
Purchase items you'll cherish. Consider the color palette and lighting of the room when choosing art for your house, and always shop for art in person.