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  1. Bria Wall Unit
    Special Price AED3,539 Regular Price AED5,445
  2. Bria TV Unit
    Special Price AED1,687 Regular Price AED2,595
  3. Levie Shelve
    Special Price AED4,124 Regular Price AED6,345
  4. Ladder Bookshelves
    Special Price AED350 Regular Price AED539
  5. Tex Book Rack
    Special Price AED337 Regular Price AED519
  6. Treviso TV Unit
    Special Price AED2,291 Regular Price AED3,525
  7. Treviso TV Unit
    Special Price AED2,291 Regular Price AED3,525
  8. Virgil TV Unit
    Special Price AED2,047 Regular Price AED4,095


2XL Home brings you the one-stop solution for a comfortable seating experience! From sofas and chairs to recliners and more - we’ve got everything that you desire to create your perfect cosy nook.

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Grab instant attention from any corner of the room with our elegant table collection! Be it a coffee table, side table or console - we’ve got you covered!

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Study Desk - Chairs

Create your workstation just the way you like with our study desk and chairs! From classic to urban designs - find your perfect fit today with 2XL Home.

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A Guide to Shelves and Cabinets


Storage and aesthetic appeal go hand in hand when it comes to shelves and cabinets. Options are nearly limitless, and they can be customized to meet the exact needs of your home.

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Some elements of home decoration and utility can never be replaced - shelves are among them. Shelves are essential for maintaining a mess-free, organized home. You can use them to store books, clothes, decor, and other essentials that would otherwise be scattered around your house. 2XL Home offers a wide collection of shelves made from a variety of materials, designs, colours, and more for you to browse and pick. Take a look at the various shelf options that suit your needs the best. 


TV & Media Units


Your living room is an integral part of your home and it will not be complete without a TV & Media Unit. Entertainment centres by 2XL Home add to this experience with their exciting mix of designs for you to choose from.


Pro tip - Before you begin the search for the right TV and media unit, make sure to do some research. From the size of your room and materials used to colour tones, functionality, storage space and more - there are lots of factors to consider to match the style and aesthetics of your space.  




When creating a room, storage is an essential consideration, and cabinets prove to be perfect for this. 2XL Home offers countless options, including integrated doors and lighting, variable sizes, unique forms, and a variety of materials, finishes, and colors.


With a glass-fronted cabinet or a wooden cabinet, you can showcase your most prized possessions, including books or fine china sets. It's a great opportunity to get creative and play around with the art of display.



Shelves are an essential part of any furniture set. They have the potential to be highly adaptable in terms of layout, setup, functionality, and rearrangement. Shelves are a wonderful addition to any house because they can be used for both storage and display.


Shelves are a great addition to a variety of spaces. Whatever the design, they work well in both an ultra-luxe and an ultra-minimalistic setting, as long as you are consistent with the materials and colour tones you use on each of them.


Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I choose a TV unit?

Consider the room's arrangement before deciding on a television unit design. The size of the TV unit should match the television's dimensions. Also consider the material and colour of the television unit before purchasing it. 


How wide should a shelf be?

Shelf depth is governed by the size of the things to be housed. It also depends on the position and placement of shelves. Ideally, it will be between 6 and 24 inches. A general purpose bookshelf's shelf depth is typically 10 to 12 inches.


How big should your TV unit be?

We recommend that your television unit be at least a few inches larger and deeper than the TV itself for optimal support.