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  1. Faye Wall Lamp
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 281 Regular Price AED 375
  2. Wall Lamp
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 104 Regular Price AED 259
  3. Wall Lamp
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 332 Regular Price AED 829
  4. Wall Lamp
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 292 Regular Price AED 729
  5. Capri Floor Lighting
    (75% off)
    Special Price AED 624 Regular Price AED 2,495
  6. Pendant Lamp
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 248 Regular Price AED 619
  7. Table Lamp
    (45% off)
    Special Price AED 153 Regular Price AED 279
  8. Reese Lantern
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 84 Regular Price AED 209
  9. Table Lamp
    (70% off)
    Special Price AED 189 Regular Price AED 629
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  10. Table Lamp
    (40% off)
    Special Price AED 191 Regular Price AED 319
    Only 1 left in Stock
  11. Pendant Lamp
    (72% off)
    Special Price AED 147 Regular Price AED 525
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All About Lighting


The right lighting can highlight the subtleties in the chosen colors to bring out the best in your room's decor. Wall lamps, table lamps, and chandeliers are just a few of the many designs you'll find when shopping with us.


Buy the best lighting products online at 2XL Home


Lighting does more than simply brighten your home. It contributes to your space and serves the same purpose as any other decorative element. Whether it's lamps, contemporary chandeliers, or flush mounts, there are plenty of options in each category. Scroll through to find your match and determine your desired style, colour, design, and type of lighting.


Tips for using decorative lighting in your homes


The entire look and feel of your interiors depend on the quality of your lighting. Here we have put together some tips to use decorative lighting in the most effective way possible in your homes.


Analyze your room


Each room demands a specific type of lighting. To find the right balance in any space, you will have to examine and choose what best suits your home. For instance, your bedroom is an area where you unwind, and relax your mind and body. The ideal lighting here would be soft or dim.


Replace central lights with ambient lighting


Small ambient lights add personality and character to a room. They reach the darkest regions of space better. Consider lamps, candles, or recessed lighting - it is visually appealing and adds charm to your home. Plants, wall art, sculptures, and photos can also be highlighted.


Get classy with a chandelier


If you do not want ambient light, use a single piece to add drama and brilliance. Measure the room before buying a chandelier. You can choose a large statement lamp to grab attention or a smaller one to blend in with the decor.


Different types of lighting decor at 2XL Home


At 2XL Home, we offer a wide range of lighting options to suit any purpose or space. From modern track lights to ornate chandeliers, we offer elegant fixtures that are available in various shapes, designs, and colors to serve as accents or set the overall mood of the space.


Wall Lamps


Wall lights create a cozy ambience while highlighting home interiors. Explore our extensive range of wall light fixtures to set a statement piece in the space that you desire. 2XL Home wall lights come in various styles to suit every room. We also provide various price ranges, to help you find the one that fits both your decor and wallet.


Table Lamps


Table lamps have so much to offer. First, you'll need some task lighting to give the space an air of sophistication and elegance. 2XL Home lights are available in various styles, including traditional and contemporary, to meet your needs and specifications, blending perfectly with the overall setting at home.




Light up your ceiling with dangling dazzlers! 2XL Home offers a variety of elegant and incredibly sturdy chandeliers that are sure to be the focal point of any room, whether modern or contemporary. Scroll to shop the design that you love to elevate your space with the click of a button.


Floor Lamps


Floor lights are more than just a way to illuminate a dull space. In contrast to furniture and art, they can enhance the look and add interest and drama to a place in an unparalleled way. 2XL Home has a wide range of floor lamps that can cast different moods depending on the light and shade you use.




How do you pick the proper lighting?


When picking lighting, consider the following criteria: purpose, quality, framework, and whether it is a decorative fixture.


How to select the ideal table lamp?


Determine the shade height depending on where you're planning to place the lamp to match the eye level. Decide on the size, select the shade style to match your interiors, and finally, purchase the right bulb.


Where can my lighting fixture be used?


Light fixtures that provide ambient light, work light, accent light, and decorative light are the most popular. If a room is used for specific tasks and has multiple focal points to emphasize, accent lighting is a smart place to start a lighting design. Pro tip - Think about a room's purpose before you begin experimenting with different types of lighting.