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Silver-Gold 3-Bowl Set in Oval Shape for Table Setting 21.5x20 cm


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Product Description

About the product: This is an oval-shaped three-bowl set in silver-gold colour for all your kitchen and dining needs. The adorable table setting item consists of 3 bowls with a designer handle. Decorate your kitchen and dining table with this kitchenware item. Made out of brass and steel, use this bowl set for varied usages as per your requirements for different dips, chutneys, dry fruits or simply mouth fresheners. Shop now this dining table set item and make your table setting perfect.

How to care for the product: You may clean the oval-shaped three-bowl set in silver-gold colour using a damp cloth lightly. It is not recommended to clean this dinnerware set item on a daily basis. You may not dish wash, only hand wash is recommended.

Why buy the product: You may buy this oval-shaped three-bowl set in silver-gold colour as it is appropriate for daily use. The dining table set item goes well with any kitchen or dining table decor. This three-bowl set is built to impress and last for a very long time. It can be used as per your requirements for different usages, which makes it a worth buy table setting item. It makes a grand statement for parties and a meaningful quality gift for friends and family alike. Do not forget to include it in your dinnerware set.

Length (cm): 21.5
Color: Stainless Steel
Height (cm): 20
Country Origin : IN
Colour: silver
Material: Brass
Weight (kg): 0.39
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