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  1. Magnus Mattress 180x210cm
    Special Price AED2,988 Regular Price AED4,980
  2. Glaro Mattress 160X200Cm
    Special Price AED5,626 Regular Price AED9,376
  3. Glaro Mattress 180X200Cm
    Special Price AED6,329 Regular Price AED10,548
  4. Glaro Mattress 200X200Cm
    Special Price AED7,032 Regular Price AED11,720
  5. Glaro Mattress 140X200Cm
    Special Price AED4,922 Regular Price AED8,203
  6. Glaro Mattress 120X200Cm
    Special Price AED4,219 Regular Price AED7,032
  7. Glaro Mattress 150X200Cm
    Special Price AED5,273 Regular Price AED8,789

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All You Need to Know About Mattresses

In the wake of a long, stressful day, all we want is to rest and recharge for the day ahead. 


Numerous studies indicate that a good night's sleep can enhance our bodies' regenerative abilities. This is the primary reason you should make an informed decision when buying a bed mattress from a mattress store online.  

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The right bed mattress can not only enhance the quality of sleep, but it can also infuse oodles of positive energy. Our extensive mattress collection will provide proper support for your back, neck, spine, and legs. 


Mattresses go a long way towards promoting healthier lifestyles. Once mattresses start sagging with continued usage, their worn-out springs not only make creaking noises but also fail to provide adequate support to your weight. This can lead to persistent aches and pains, due to disturbances in your normal spine alignment. If you’re soon to buy a new mattress or replace your old one, check out our online mattress store at 2XL Home. 

How to Choose a Mattress

Buying a bed mattress can be quite stressful as it is a big investment and, more importantly, it has an indelible impact on the quality of sleep we get every night. And with the wide range of options available in the market today, it can be difficult to narrow down our choices in terms of comfort and quality. 


The feel and material of the mattress you choose should suit your sleeping position and body type. Additionally, you also need to consider factors such as comfort and durability and any sleep issues you may have. At 2XL Home, we offer a carefully curated selection of mattress collections with different levels of firmness and price ranges.

Mattress Types 

When it comes to choosing the right type of bed mattress, your main options are a spring mattress, a foam mattress, or a hybrid mattress. Of these, the most traditional choice is the spring mattress, which consists of a layer of spring surrounded by several layers of comfort materials such as latex, natural fibres or foam. It is inexpensive and ideal for stomach and back sleepers.


Foam mattresses, on the other hand, come with various combinations of foam in different densities to provide support and softness. If you are a side sleeper or suffer from joint pain, this is the right choice. A hybrid mattress refers to a hybrid composition that includes layers of springs and foam. If your preference falls somewhere between spring and foam mattresses, these are your best options. 

Mattress Sizes

The size of the mattress you choose largely determines the quality of your sleep. A king-size mattress is approximately 78 inches long and 72 inches wide. This is ideal for people who sleep with their children or pets. For two adults, however, a queen-size mattress is best, as it's about 78 inches long and 60 inches wide. 


On the other hand, people who live alone or with children generally prefer single mattresses with a width of about 36 inches and a length of 75 inches. Before choosing a particular mattress size, you should consider a number of factors, including the sleeping space you need, the space available in your room, your sleeping style, the flexibility to move the bed, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattresses

How does a mattress affect sleep?

Several studies suggest that a mattress with adjustable firmness offers the perfect blend of support and comfort to ensure a good night’s sleep. Besides promoting proper spinal alignment, it also helps improve body aches and pains. 


How long should a mattress last?

On average, a mattress lasts anywhere between 7 and 10 years. However, a mattress’ lifespan also depends on several variable factors, such as its original build quality, the materials used, and also the weight and sleeping styles of the sleeper.


Which type of mattress is good for the spine?

If you have back or spinal pain issues, use memory foam or a natural latex mattress that is certified for orthopedic patients. Thanks to their ergonomic designs, these mattresses ensure an even distribution of body weight. Besides, they can also lessen pain by improving posture and increasing blood circulation.