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  1. Nevio Hand Towel
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  2. Nevio Face Towel
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  3. Amori Face Towel
    Special Price AED7 Regular Price AED15
  4. Fiora Face Towel
    Special Price AED7 Regular Price AED15
  5. Aurora Hand Towel
    Special Price AED30 Regular Price AED54
  6. Aurora Face Towel
    Special Price AED9 Regular Price AED19
  7. Amori Hand Towel
    Special Price AED27 Regular Price AED49

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Bathroom linen is without an argument indispensable to a completely equipped bathroom experience. A perfect choice of bathroom linen does add comfort and aesthetics to your bathroom setting. The 2XL Home bathroom linen offers you an indulgent, luxurious experience and the superior materials are definitely to provide you with ultimate comfort. Pick the best from our extensive collection of soft, compact, and quick-drying hand and face towels.


Getting a hand towel is never an easy task. Being a necessary item, hand towels might seem a not-time-consuming product to purchase. Yet they are also an important accessory that impacts the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Starting with quality, your hand towels must be soft, comforting, quick drying, and appealing.

At 2XL Home, you get hand towels with great quality, soft cotton, and an inherent comfort that is delightful. Find a wide variety of colors and designs around with premium quality fabric, so you are spoilt for choice and can get exactly what you need for your bathroom linen.


Face towels are by nature, meant to have a sensitive and pampering feel. They need to be gentle, absorbent, and soft. While purchasing, do not compromise with quality, it must be gentle to your face, premium quality, and must go well with your bathroom setting too. Hues of gentle colors will not do any harm for sure!


Come and explore an extensive range of face towels in 2XL Home. Your face towel must be as gentle as luxury linen to your face. You will find premium quality, highly absorbent, apt thickness to be gentle on your face, and numerous colors and designs. Experience luxury face towels with 2XL Home.


While choosing everyday essentials, like towel varieties you must pay extra attention to the details. You cannot walk out of a store with any towels if you are a person who values self-care. It is true that as careless as it may sound, a bath towel needs time to select. Most of the time, the Price of the towel might not justify the quality. Bath towels and bath mats must be of high quality, with maximum absorbency.


2XL Home bath towels and bath mats make you feel loved and pampered every day. They are lightweight, absorbent, plush, and aesthetically pleasing. There are several designs and colors to choose from. Pick the ones that please your senses and are well-suited to belong your bathroom.


How Do You Wash Linen Bathroom Towels?

Lukewarm water is ideal for washing linen bathroom towels. Excessive heat can damage the linen's fibers and cause them to stretch.

Are Linen Bath Towels Absorbent?

Absorption is never a problem with linen bath towels, as linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in water before it starts to feel damp.

Is Linen Fast Drying?

Yes, linen takes just a little over 2 hours to dry.

Does Linen Shrink In Hot Water?

Natural fibers can experience significant shrinkage due to hot water and lenient is no exception. It is best to use lukewarm water to wash fabrics made from linen.

Does Linen Shrink Or Stretch?

Linen can shrink when washed using excessive heat. But with proper care, linen can be one of the most long-lasting fabrics. 

How Do You Clean Linen At Home?

It is best to wash your linen on a gentle cycle in your washing machine and avoid extreme temperatures.