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  1. Liam Bathmat
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  2. Liam Bathmat
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    Special Price AED 74 Regular Price AED 99
  3. Liam Bathmat
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    Special Price AED 74 Regular Price AED 99
  4. Liam Bathmat
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    Special Price AED 74 Regular Price AED 99
  5. Liam Bathmat
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 74 Regular Price AED 99
  6. Liam Bathmat
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    Special Price AED 74 Regular Price AED 99
  7. Liam Bathmat
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    Special Price AED 74 Regular Price AED 99
  8. Estella Face Towel
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  9. Azura Bath Waste Bin
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  10. Vicenne Bath Waste Bin
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  11. Faye Soap Dish
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  12. Evon Bath Waste Bin
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2XL Home’s classy essentials for luxurious, eye-catching bathrooms

It may not be the most conspicuous room, but the bathroom is as important as any other room in the house. Rather it is indispensable. In order to achieve that balanced look and desired ambiance for your bathroom, an interplay of elements is essential. 

Whether it is a spacious bathroom or a compact one, accessories can add to the beauty of your space while giving it a defining character to reflect your personality. 2XL Home offers some of the most stylish bathroom accessories, including storage baskets, soap dispensers, bath trays, waste bins, luxury and cotton towels, bathroom storage, and bath linen. 

The most important aspect of deciding what kind of accessories you need for your bathroom is that it should look as amazing as possible. You're going to spend a lot of time looking at your bathroom, so make sure you choose items that you love. Take a look at these category options to pick out the best possible look for your bathroom. 

Bathroom Storage

A properly organized bathroom will have space for all your essentials without looking cluttered. Do you know what makes things super easy? It’s by making sure you have the right kind of bath trays, storage baskets, and other bathroom storage items. What’s more, a good-looking waste bin can be your saviour and uplift the look of your bathroom. With our selection of bathroom storage items, bath trays, storage baskets, and waste bins, you'll have plenty of room to accommodate several items. Together, they allow you to organize your essential knick-knacks and toiletries and offer a much-needed nook to dispose of trash. 

Bathroom Accessories


A bathroom's design can significantly impact your home's ambiance. Using the right bathroom accessories makes a statement about the style and mood you want to convey in this vital space. 2XL Home’s aesthetic bathroom accessories make a significant contribution to your home's comfort and luxurious environment. Even simple touches such as bath linen sets, bath trays and soap dispensers can make your entire bathroom appear more luxurious than ever before.

Bathroom Linen

Without the right choice of bath linen, your bathroom will not feel complete. In fact, the kind of bath linen you use allows you to determine the look and feel of your bathroom. Luxury towels add an elegant touch to any bathroom interior and make a statement about your taste for fine things. Whether you're looking for stylish and chic designs or more natural tones, 2XL Home has a wide range of luxury cotton towels for you. Luxury towels are perfect for those who love modern textiles with refined patterns, fabrics, and textures.




A soap dispenser is made of which material?


Soap dispensers are commonly made using plastic. That is usually disposable. The other materials used to make soap dispensers include glass and ceramics. These are often useable for a longer period, and the different designs add a decorative element too. 


What size storage basket should I use in my bathroom?


Storage baskets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can consider a few factors like the size of your bathroom and the purpose for which you will use the storage basket to decide the size of the storage basket you want to buy. 


What size of wastebasket is fit to use in a bathroom?


A small or medium-sized wastebasket is usually suited for the purpose of being used in the bathroom. However, it also depends on the usage. If you are looking at a group or family of 5 or more members, consider opting for a 20 gallons wastebasket.