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  1. Faye Soap Dish
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  2. Liam Bath Tissue Box
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    Special Price AED 142 Regular Price AED 219
  3. Evon Bath Tissue Box
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    Special Price AED 73 Regular Price AED 104
  4. Ruby Tissue Box Linen Cover
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    Special Price AED 57 Regular Price AED 189
  5. Evon Toilet Brush Holder
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    Special Price AED 73 Regular Price AED 104
  6. Vicenne Soap Dish
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    Special Price AED 13 Regular Price AED 32
  7. Vicenne Bath Tissue Box Cover
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    Special Price AED 46 Regular Price AED 114
  8. Vicenne Soap Dispenser
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    Special Price AED 28 Regular Price AED 69
  9. Vicenne Bath Tumbler
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    Special Price AED 14 Regular Price AED 34
  10. Faye Soap Dispenser
    (59% off)
    Special Price AED 22 Regular Price AED 54
  11. Faye Bath Tumbler
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    Special Price AED 19 Regular Price AED 47
  12. Azura Bath Tissue Box Cover
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The Ultimate Checklist for Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms are often overlooked as a crucial space in our homes, but when you consider the amount of time we spend in there daily, it's clear to see how important they truly are. To make the most of this space and turn it into a relaxing retreat, 2XL Home has curated a list of must-have bathroom items that strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. These items not only meet your everyday needs but also add a touch of luxury and seamless aesthetics to your bathroom.


Soap Dispensers


A soap dispenser is an indispensable accessory for any bathroom. It helps maintain hygiene, and tidiness, can be refilled, and is highly sustainable.

Explore from our exclusive selection of soap dispensers at 2XL Home. From elegant and timeless pieces in glass, clay, polyresin, and more to bright, playful pieces to add a pop of color to your bathroom, the options are endless.


Soap Dishes


A soap dish is a vital accessory if you are a soap bar user. A good soap dish serves the purpose of protecting the soap from sliding and from getting soft and saturated.

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis with our elegant and diverse collection of soap dishes from 2XL Home. Our selection includes glass, clay, wood, marble, polyresin, and stainless steel to add a touch of opulence to any space. If you prefer a more playful look, explore our cute and colorful soap dishes to liven up your bathroom decor.


Toothbrush Holders


The sight of toothbrushes collected together in a single container not only adds an element of organization but also improves hygiene. With a wide range of styles to choose from, including elegant glass tumblers, marble and ceramic holders, modern mounts, and colorful options that appeal to kids, you're sure to find one that complements your soap dispenser and other bathroom fixtures. Add a touch of elegance and order to your bathroom with a toothbrush holder from 2XL Home.


Bath Mats

Bath mats are primarily used to protect you from slipping when stepping out of the shower. In addition, they can help regulate our body temperature when you lay your feet on a cold floor after a warm bath. They also soak up excess water and keep your bathroom floor dry and clean. In terms of aesthetics, bath mats have the ability to bring together the visual appeal of your bathroom. Synchronize them with other fabrics and accessories. A bath mat works wonders especially for smaller bathrooms. Plain, light tones in such settings can give an impression of spaciousness. 

At 2XL Home, you can explore soothing and zesty hues in cotton for the perfect, elegant and subtle or fresh and bright aesthetic. Match the shades with the other accessories and your bathroom will look more elegant than ever before!


Bath Tray


Pamper yourself with this excellent bathtub addition! Relax in the tub with a glass of wine, a good book, and a premium bath tray. It can hold everything required within easy reach across the top of your tub.

Other Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Linen

A fully-functional bathroom is incomplete without luxurious towels and sheets. Invest in some high-end towels that don’t just look beautiful, but also soak well and have good longevity. With great linen, you can flaunt your refined taste and make a statement. 

2XL Home has a wide range of high-quality cotton towels to please all preferences: whether you like contemporary modern patterns or classic earthy tones.


Bathroom Storage

A well-designed bathroom organizes and conceals toiletries for an uncluttered and tidy appearance. Here’s an easy way to make everything a breeze: place baskets and bath mats with trays in your bathroom to gold items of similar function. Such collections give a unified look. Additionally, a trash can that looks good is both a necessary and a visual advantage.

Find a range of high-functioning storage solutions to choose from for your bathroom at 2XL Home!

Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Accessories

Can you put any soap in a soap dispenser?

You can use any type of liquid soap in a soap dispenser. Liquid hand soaps are usually put in dispensers in the bathroom for convenience and hygiene. You can also pour in liquid dish soap in the dispenser if you want to use it for your kitchen.

How often do bath mats need to be washed?

Basic maintenance comprises washing your bathroom mats or rugs weekly. It is recommended that bath mats be washed every three to five days if multiple household members use them.

How would you describe a luxurious bathroom?

While luxury is subjective, popular opinions state that bathrooms that use luxurious, natural, and high-end materials that last long, have an ultra-finesse, and create an overall aesthetic that’s timeless, are definite qualities of a luxurious bathroom. Materials like granite, marble, teak, river rock are a few examples. Additionally, a utilitarian room that’s spacious, uncluttered, abundantly lit up by large windows and skylights, has textures like soft, plush curtains, mats, and towels, and other details that add personalization and character, like sofas, statues - all constitute to an opulent bathroom. 

Where do you place a soap dispenser?

In general, you should place a soap dispenser next to the sink or at the top corner to minimize spills. While it’s passable to place a single dispenser between two sinks next to each other, having one dispenser per sink is the best practice.


How does a soap dish work?

Dishes for bar soaps are made to drain water and keep the soap dry via rivets/holes in their base or the absorbency of their composition. Choose the correct soap dish, and you won't have to worry about cluttering your sink or counter. Although most soap dishes are practical, a well-chosen one that harmonizes with your bathroom interiors can elevate its luxuriousness.