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  1. Azura Bath Waste Bin
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 92 Regular Price AED 229
  2. Vicenne Bath Waste Bin
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 80 Regular Price AED 199
  3. Evon Bath Waste Bin
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    Special Price AED 136 Regular Price AED 194
  4. Waste Basket
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  5. Evon Bath Waste Bin
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    Special Price AED 136 Regular Price AED 194
  6. Evon Bath Tray
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  7. Kleah Bath Waste Bin
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    Special Price AED 293 Regular Price AED 419
  8. Vicenne Bath Tray
    (60% off)
    Special Price AED 40 Regular Price AED 99
  9. Waste Basket- Natural
    (45% off)
    Special Price AED 120 Regular Price AED 219
  10. Waste Basket- Natural
    (45% off)
    Special Price AED 192 Regular Price AED 349
  11. Waste Basket- Gold
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  12. Waste Basket- Gold
    (30% off)
    Special Price AED 118 Regular Price AED 169
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Ideas to Organize Your Bathroom Essentials

Most brainstorming ideas, solutions for a tackling situation, and decisions for a lifetime happen in the bathroom alone. After shouting Eureka, Archimedes hurried out of his bathroom. That is where you get to enjoy a quiet moment after a long day, a place to unwind yourself! However, maintaining a tidy bathroom is a task. Especially if you have a huge bathroom with multiple amenities, or even if it is a shared bathroom with a whole family. The bathroom is often the messiest place in your home.

2XL Home provides an exclusive range of bathroom storage essentials and waste bins that will help you declutter your house and keep you stress-free. Want to show your bathroom some much-deserved love? Read on to discover what you need to know. 

Bathroom vanity storage

Choosing the right bathroom vanity storage can be a challenge. However, this is an essential choice to keep your bathroom looking stylish and feel premium. A bathroom vanity refers to a combination of a sink, a countertop, a place to store toiletries and bathroom linen, and a mirror. These should be durable enough to resist daily wear and tear. It is advisable to steer clear of porous and delicate surfaces for bathroom vanity storage as these have to stand up to water, soap, cosmetics, steam, and whatnot. Vanities can be of different types, including free-standing, pedestal, floating, cabinet, and so on. 

Woven baskets

If the jute basket is too large to store in your medicine cabinet, perhaps you could hang it on the wall instead. Mount a pair over the bowl to keep rolled towels handy and conceal toilet paper out of sight.

Paper basket

All of these containers are carefully handcrafted using an old-fashioned method and paper rope.

The time it takes our personnel to tie each knot is considerable. This is a thoughtful gift because it is handcrafted.

Compact storage basket 

The tank tray is a compact storage basket. Containing things with raised sides, its compact profile makes it ideal for tucking away in closets and under beds; it is also the perfect place for storing watches, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Try it out at your workstation to organize your writing implements, adhesive tape, scissors, and other desk essentials.

Bathroom Storage Furniture

Bathroom vanity shelving unit 

On this around-the-sink rack, tall bottles, such as shampoo and perfume, fit perfectly. Towels and washcloths can be hung from the bars for easy access. It claims to be rust-proof and straightforward to put together.

Wood shower stand

This wooden shower bench is useful not only as a place to sit but also for stowing away toiletries. Face towels should be stored in the lowest drawer, while shampoos and conditioners should be stored in the highest.

Under-the-sink storage

If you know you'll have trouble maintaining a clean and orderly bathroom, consider including features in the layout that will make this task simpler in the long run. Get a vanity set with shelves instead of drawers.

Wall-mounted towel bars

Do not use the shower poles as a towel rack. Put some hooks up on that bare wall and use them to hang up your robe, pants, shirts, swimsuit, towels, and more.

Over-the-Door Rack

A restroom can be made more aesthetically pleasing and functional by directing the viewer's attention upward. A paradigmatic instance? Extra towels can be kept on the shelf that hangs over the door.

Storage unit

Got a huge (and ideally old) storage cabinet but no idea where to put it. You could use it as the cornerstone of your bathroom and a place to keep towels, toiletries, and more out of sight.


Free-standing toilet shelves

Keep your toilet paper, cosmetics, and more organized in this shower caddy. Its rust-proof bronze coating and three spacious shelves make it the ideal addition to any bathroom. The metal rack is also useful for preventing water damage to your shelves from accidental spills.

Wall unit

This large wall cabinet has a towel bar for drying your hands and plenty of space underneath for storing valuables.

Towel bars

The most attractive feature of this rack? The wine bottle holders are a stylish touch, and the rack may be used in either the dining room or the kitchen.

Storage cart

Towels, nail polish, cosmetics, and more can all be kept in one convenient, movable location thanks to this Ikea cart.


Bathroom Storage FAQs

What should you not store in a bathroom?

You can keep anything in the bathroom but avoid things like Makeup, Medicine, Non-Waterproof Electronics, Extra Razors, Jewelry, and Linens.

How much should the bathroom trash be?

Trash receptacles for bathrooms are typically 2–4 gallons in size. This is because these cans fill up more slowly than a typical kitchen garbage can due to the high percentage of paper waste they contain. In addition, they are typically scaled down to fit the compact nature of a bathroom.


What size are bathtub trays?

Most trays we found extend from approximately 26.5 inches to 42 inches. But if your bathtub dimensions fall outside the average, trays can be as short as 24 inches and as long as 43.3 inches.