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Tumbler & Sets

Tumblers, without a doubt, are a must-have for every home! Now browse through our wide range of tumbler sets online to mix and match your favourites today!

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Water Pitchers & Bottles

Stay hydrated with our exclusive collection of water pitchers. From glass to silver plated design, pick your go-to to store your drink in a clean and elegant container!

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Tea Sets & Coffee Sets | How to Select the Right One

While prepping a good cup of tea or coffee you definitely look for the finest bean or the purest of tea dust. Recently studies proved that even the cup you serve your morning boost drink affects its taste and smell. To experience the finest of tea or coffee you must make sure the set you serve is of fine quality too. Check out 2XL Home's extensive selection of fine china tea sets to add some elegance to your evening cup of tea.


Best Material for Coffee and Tea Sets

While selecting a teapot you must think about heat retention, durability, and much more. Ceramic teapots are preferred by regular tea lovers for their low prices and modern aesthetics. Boiling water in a glass teapot is not recommended since it can shatter under pressure but is favored if you love slightly flavored tea. Cast iron teapots are both durable and aesthetically pleasing, as the material retains heat for a longer period, but it gives out a metallic taste to your tea after a while.

Coffee & Tea Sets | Designs

Teacups are meant to have a wide spout and a narrow body. However, teacups with a wide base but a narrow spout are favored by many as it helps to keep beverages hot so that their beverage stays hot for longer. A teapot should have a handle that is easy to hold and won't get hot when pouring. Make sure the lid fits snugly, has a vent for airflow, and will keep your tea where you want it without dripping.


A teaware can be of minimal colors as well as a very vibrant one. It comes in multiple patterns, textures, and styles. You can choose the pattern and color which suits your mood. You can always play with colors and patterns with your teaware.  You are welcome to explore a huge variety of teaware, handcrafted and designer mugs in 2XL Home.

How to Clean your Teaware

Cleaning must be a hassle-free task when you look for a new tea cup or coffee mug. Make sure that along with the quality you can easily clean it in a dishwasher, or even hand wash it easily. Your teacup or coffee mug must be microwave friendly too.

Coffee & Tea Sets | FAQ

What should a tea set include?

Typically, a tea set will include a teapot, teacups, stirrers, saucers, a milk jug, creamer jug, and a sugar pitcher.

What is the difference between a teacup and coffee cup?

You might be surprised to learn that teacups and coffee mugs vary significantly in size, form factor, and the style of their respective handles. Coffee cups are meant to be cupped in the palm and kept warm, whilst teacups are meant to be handled lightly and cool the drink rapidly.

What is the measurement of the saucer?

A saucer is a tiny, circular dish used to support a cup of tea or coffee. Some alternative saucer types have a diameter of between 6 3/4 and 8 3/4 inches and have a similar shape to the traditional saucer.