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  1. Finley Dinner Set
    Special Price AED400 Regular Price AED799
  2. Aurelia Dinner Set
    Special Price AED517 Regular Price AED1,149
  3. Michah Dinner Set
    Special Price AED410 Regular Price AED819
  4. Stacy Dinner Set
    Special Price AED400 Regular Price AED799
  5. Suzanne Dinner Set
    Special Price AED517 Regular Price AED1,149
  6. Coleen Dinner Set
    Special Price AED517 Regular Price AED1,149
  7. Lynette Dinner Set
    Special Price AED428 Regular Price AED779
  8. Maeve Dinner Set
    Special Price AED390 Regular Price AED779
  9. Genevie Dinner Set
    Special Price AED610 Regular Price AED1,219
  10. Selma Dinner Set
    Special Price AED549 Regular Price AED1,219
  11. Agnes Dinner Set
    Special Price AED428 Regular Price AED779
  12. Camille Dinner Set
    Special Price AED800 Regular Price AED1,599
  13. Lucie Dinner Set
    Special Price AED775 Regular Price AED1,549
  14. Aimee Dinner Set
    Special Price AED800 Regular Price AED1,599
  15. Hazel Dinner Set
    Special Price AED339 Regular Price AED1,129


Whether you are looking for an everyday-use plate or something to be taken out for special occasions - the 2XL Home plate series is your go-to. From simple to modern designs, pick your favourite today.

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Complete your dining table with our premium quality cutlery set! Be it spoons, forks or knives - we bring you a touch of luxury to elevate your everyday life. 

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Buy Dinnerware Sets Online


When you spend hours planning a meal for that one particular gathering, good dinnerware tops the must-have list. The setting of the table creates a vibe and proper dinnerware can help you with a good start. It is not easy to impress one with any set of dinnerware, you must know what you are buying and from where you are buying. The market is flooded with countless varieties of dinnerware, yet you can call the lot into two, either for casual or for formal, and definitely the food you are planning to serve plays a key role.


You may talk, laugh and devour delicious meals, but your dinnerware definitely catches an eye if it's from the elegant collection of 2XL Home.


Types of Dinnerware


If you know the basic kitchen dinnerware rule, you will have two shelves to store the daily use dinner sets and the occasional formal one. You attentively look for aesthetics, style, color, and even size when it is for a Formal or occasional dinner set. But for every day, you look for sets which are sturdy and durable. For formal dinner sets, you go for quality along with elegance and scratch resistance.


Markets all around the world will surprise you with materials and styles of dinnerware in use, but the most famous materials used are stoneware, crystal, bone china, ceramics, porcelain, etc. You can own a set with bare minimum number of pieces to an elegant set with maximum of pieces according to the number of guests you are hosting and the food you are serving.


How to Arrange Dinnerware


A dining table is a place you can bring out the artist in you. A fine dinnerware setting enhances the mood of the occasion and the world follows a dinnerware etiquette that you must be aware of while setting the table. Place the fork left to the dinner plate and the knife goes to the right. The glass of water is placed right above the knife. You may always elevate the dinnerware setting with proper addition of tablewares. The secret behind a successful table is always the selection of dining table accompaniments.


Guide to Dinnerware Care


The basic care starts when you hand wash each plate. A dishwasher might not have the eye to see what your naked eye can. Moreover chemicals, abrasive sponge and brushes will bring more damage to your pampered dinner set. Leave the plates to air dry after washing and you can wipe off the dust if there is any with a good microfibre cloth. The plates are good to go back to the shelves until next time. Also make sure you do not put dinner sets on a direct heat source.

Dinner Set FAQs

What should be in a dinner set?

A proper dinner set must have plates for the main course, salad, and bread. Also bowls for soup and dessert. It should also have serving ladles.

How often should you replace your dinner plates?

The ideal time to change your dinnerware is every three years. 

What type of dinnerware is most durable?

Porcelain dinnerwares are most durable than the rest.