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Whether you are looking for an everyday-use plate or something to be taken out for special occasions - the 2XL Home plate series is your go-to. From simple to modern designs, pick your favourite today.

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Dinner sets

Perfect your dinner table with our elegant dinnerware set. From plates and side plates to teapots and more - choose from our collection to give your home a personal touch.

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Guide to Shopping for the Perfect Cutlery

A stunning dining set is achieved by pairing it with the right cutlery. Every meal involves a group of cutlery-from preparation to consumption, the unsung heroes of cooking! There are several factors to consider before purchasing the 'right cutlery’ for your home. The setting you choose, meal category, food menu, occasion, and even the home interior play a pivotal role in choosing the appropriate dinnerware. It is never an easy task! Scroll through the stylish and extensive collection of cutlery from 2XL HOME to choose the finest. 

Different Types Of Cutlery Sets

You will find two kinds of cutlery in the food service industry. Disposable cutlery and durable cutlery. The former is often single-use and is used widely in restaurants and large functions. These are mostly silverware, made of stainless steel or other durable materials.

Cutlery Set Materials


Single-use cutlery is widely in use these days. But the generation has come to be more responsible towards mother earth and has taken a wise decision to avoid cutlery as much as possible and invented techniques to use more eco-friendly and biodegradable products. That's where natural bamboo and wood cutlery come into play. They are long-lasting if properly cared for, and a durable alternative to plastic cutlery. You will find numerous design varieties of wooden cutlery on the market.


Metal cutlery 


  • Forged cutlery
    Generally speaking, forged cutlery is heavier and more expensive than other types. However, the blades are sharp and stiff, and the set is well-balanced.


  • Carbon knives
    Avoid items made of carbon steel, such as carbon knives, when shopping for cutlery. It might become tarnished, discolored, or rusted in just a few days.


  • 18/10 stainless steel
    The most reliable and cheapest material for cutlery is 18/10 stainless steel. It's versatile enough for both formal events and everyday use at home. Stylish cutlery, including forks, spoons, and knives, is available in this material. For optimal performance in the kitchen, you should only ever use cutlery that has 10% nickel.


  • Stamped cutlery
    Stamped cutlery is typically larger and heavier than forged cutlery. As its name suggests, chefs usually utilize it for more advanced chopping making it not a recommended choice for domestic use.


  • Silver cutlery
    Silver cutlery not only adds a touch of elegance to your meal but also improves its nutritional value. Unfortunately, expensive cutlery like this requires constant maintenance and cleaning to retain its look.


Wooden cutlery sets


Birch, bamboo, pine, poplar, and many other types of wood can be used to make attractive and durable wooden sets. They are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. If properly constructed, they can withstand extreme temperatures, which is an advantage in using them in daily scenarios. Wooden cutlery sets are considerably less expensive than silverware, and the natural tone adds a touch of nature to your dining table. Get your hands on handmade cutlery. They are expensive yet durable and very earthy!


Plastic cutlery sets


Plastic kitchen utensils produced from polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS) plastic are by far the most popular type of disposable cutlery. The versatile cutlery can be molded into any size and shape, which makes it appealing in every kitchen set. Nevertheless, they are not a wise choice for a sustainable lifestyle. Cutlery made with Polypropylene, sometimes known as PP plastic, is extremely malleable and can withstand a good deal of stress before cracking. Food as hot as 250 degrees Fahrenheit can be served in it. But cutlery crafted from Polystyrene (PS) can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit in food, but it is not flexible and can easily crack under heavy use. They are not as durable as PP, but they cost less.


CPLA and PLA Cutlery Set


Forks, knives, and spoons are the standard cutlery found in Polylactic Acid Plastic (PLA) and Crystallized Polylactic Acid Plastic (CPLA) flatware sets. Both PLA and PLA-based HDPE are bioplastics derived from renewable resources like cornstarch. In addition to being lightweight and compostable, they are also biodegradable. 


Cutlery maintenance

Maintaining your expensive cutlery is easy if you follow the instructions. Given how long you intend to use it, the cost and the material of the cutlery play a key role in the maintenance process too. Make sure to hand wash your premium cutlery with mild, fragrant dish soaps, and avoid steel wool or scouring pads. It might cause irreparable damage. Pat dry before storage and occasionally polish with a cutlery polisher if necessary, for a final pristine look. 

It is always advised to look for quality above all other factors when choosing silverware. This may seem like a waste of money at first but it will pay off in the long run.

Cutlery FAQs

How many spoons are in a set?

You will find a tablespoon, half a teaspoon, a teaspoon, and a quarter teaspoon in a standard spoon set.

How to properly place cutlery in a fine dining table setting?

Place your fork on the left side of the dish, and your knife on the right. According to the thumb rule, soup spoons are to the knife's right.

What is the difference between cutlery and utensils?

In the kitchen, utensils are needed for cutting, chopping, and serving food. Cutlery's primary function is to facilitate the cutting, serving, slicing, and consuming of food.