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  1. Collette Console
    Special Price AED1,822 Regular Price AED3,645
  2. Carey Console
    Special Price AED971 Regular Price AED1,495
  3. Braylen Coffee Table
    Special Price AED1,617 Regular Price AED2,695
  4. Braylen Coffee Table
    Special Price AED1,344 Regular Price AED2,445
  5. Hailey Coffee Table
    Special Price AED728 Regular Price AED1,325
  6. Callista Console
    Special Price AED2,843 Regular Price AED3,345
  7. Alfie Coffee Table
    Special Price AED2,921 Regular Price AED4,495
  8. Clara Coffee Table
    Special Price AED3,396 Regular Price AED3,995
  9. Alfie Side Table
    Special Price AED1,556 Regular Price AED2,395
  10. Selma Coffee Table
    Selma Coffee Table
    Special Price AED1,317 Regular Price AED2,195
  11. Vance Coffee Table
    Vance Coffee Table
    Special Price AED1,152 Regular Price AED2,095
  12. Gilda Coffee Table Grey - Black
    Gilda Coffee Table Grey - Black
    Special Price AED971 Regular Price AED1,495


2XL Home brings you the one-stop solution for a comfortable seating experience! From sofas and chairs to recliners and more - we’ve got everything that you desire to create your perfect cosy nook.

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Discover our collection of fine contemporary shelves and cabinets to match your interiors. Now organise your space with our modern designs and multifunctional units for a clutter-free home!

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There's nothing like snuggling up in a blanket next to a toasty fireplace! At 2XL Home, we want to give you just that and more! Elevate your winters with our fireplace collection. Browse to find your favourite today!

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