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 A Guide to the Best Table Styles for Every Room in Your House

Modern households are incomplete without a table in the living room for it. It serves the purpose equal to a dining room table or sofa. A table always embodies more than just a practical piece of furniture. They reflect the warmth of your hospitality while subtly conveying your personality notes to your guests. 

Let’s look at the various types of tables!

Types of Living Room Tables

A table harmonizes the entire space of your living room. Therefore, it’s vital to consider various aspects of it before purchasing. Available in various forms, styles, colors, and materials for multiple purposes, the right table can enliven your home space.

At 2XL Home, you will find a collection encompassing everything from hall tables or console tables to coffee tables and side tables in modern and chic to classic and rustic designs.

Let’s delve further into these types.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table is a versatile table traditionally placed in front of your elegant sofa display, to hold your favorite beverage, display books, or flaunt decor and vases in style. They appeal to various preferences and come in varied colors, shapes, designs, and smart functionalities. The primary criterion while choosing a coffee table should be the size of your room. For example, triangle and square-shaped tables work well in rectangular living areas. 

Whether or not a coffee table is required to complete a living room is a question of personal preference, but they assist in tying the room together without being too prominent. You can explore our complete selection of coffee tables on 2XL Home. From squares, rectangles, and round-shaped tables to a duo/trio of nesting tables with or without stools, you’re sure to find a versatile one for your needs!


Side Tables

Adding side tables is a meticulous touch for bigger living rooms with long sofas, as it is highly convenient for those seated on the ends. In addition, it’s a great way to increase a room’s overall floor space. Pick a coffee table that is tall enough and blends well with your furniture. 

At 2XL Home, you’ll find plenty of side tables in varied color schemes and designs to experiment with. Choose from marble, metal, wood, glass, and more in contemporary or vintage designs to synchronize with your living room interiors.

Hall Tables/ Console Tables

Hall tables, also known as console tables, are tall, thin pieces of furniture ideal for tiny hallways or living rooms. They save space, are multifunctional, and can be used for decoration and placing objects like table lamps, vases, sculptures, framed photographs and artworks, and potpourri. Moreover, you can easily use them to replace bulkier furniture that only serves one purpose: dining tables.

There are a plethora of styles you can explore at 2XL Home! From multi-level tables to minimal yet beautiful single-level tables, you can find the perfect one to go with your interiors and liking.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tables

Do tables come in different shapes?

While rectangular and round are the most popular, there are also asymmetrically shaped ones, long and narrow tables, and oval shapes you can choose from. To maximize usability in long, narrow rooms, go for a rectangular or oval table. Triangular and square-shaped tables are suitable for smaller living rooms, while narrow tables suit well in smaller spaces.

What should I consider when choosing tables?

Before you go out and buy a new table for your living room, ensure you consider the size and shape of your room, followed by the table’s size, design, shape, material, the chairs you plan to use with it, its utility, and its adaptability to different settings.

How high should a living room table be?

For a coffee table or sofa table, your sofa seat should be at least 1 to 2 inches above the table surface. Tables between 16 and 18 inches in height look great with regular sofas. However, a table height of 20-21 inches is recommended to accommodate a higher sofa.