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Coffee Tables

Bring your living room together with our plush coffee table collection. From classic to modern, 2XL Home brings an array of options for you to explore.

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Side Tables

Now browse through our stylish side tables to pair your furniture with the perfect match. Have all your essentials within reach with our unsung heroes and up your interiors to a whole new level. 

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Invest In Timeless Console Tables From 2XL Home

Introduce a touch of elegance and style to your home with the addition of console tables. These versatile pieces can highlight the hallway, dining area, or living room and provide a practical solution for optimizing space against the wall. Not only do they make an aesthetic statement to guests, but they have the power to leave them speechless with their beauty.


For instance, when placed against a sofa, they act as a ledge or an extended shelf between the wall and the sofa. This space is a highlighted spot to place your photo frames and display your significant candle holders!


At 2XL Home, you can explore a collection of the most sophisticated console tables Dubai has, with recommendations on the right placements for them.


Consider These Factors While Buying Console Tables:

A well-chosen console table can be a striking focal point for any room in your home, particularly in the hallway, where it can set the tone for the rest of your decor. These stylish pieces can elevate a bland and boring hallway into a visually stunning space that leaves a lasting impression on guests.


Come aboard and let us guide you to select the perfect console table that fits exclusively for your home space!

Consider these while purchasing a new console table: 


Placement is the key for every piece of furniture. These artistic pieces can elevate the ambiance of any room, but it is essential to choose the right spot for the table to shine truly. Careful consideration should be given to the overall design and decor of the room, as placing a console table in the wrong location can be a hindrance rather than a highlight. For example, a marble console table in the middle of a bedroom may not be the best choice.



Investing in the finest console tables that assure a fascinating look and durability is indeed a good decision. Ensure that the material you choose blends well with your interiors. Not every material is apt for a premium console table, so make your pick wisely!

Get expert help finding the perfect console table at 2XL Home. Here’s where you'll find a variety of styles and finishes that fit your space and elevate the ambiance of your room.



Placing a console table in your living room, dining area, or bedroom should ideally serve some purpose. It could be anything from adding an artistic touch to providing a base for essentials. Evaluate your purpose and pick a functional table accordingly.


At 2XL Home, we have the best and timeless console tables Dubai can offer to meet your functional and aesthetic needs.



High prices only sometimes assure luxurious deliverables. It is wise to invest more in quality home furnishes. But are they worth the cost? Rest assured, the material, design, and appeal are well worth the price.


Don’t end up paying a high price for a console table that doesn’t look good in your space!

What Is a Console Table Used For?

Console tables can be used for multiple purposes at home. It primarily depends on the material and the room you place it in.


Here are a few instances:


Hallway or Foyer

This is where the main artwork is visible to guests when they enter your home. Make a lasting first impression with a stylish console table, and pair it with mirrors, artwork, or plants for a winning look.


Living Room

A console table in the living room is the best companion to display the enormous and significant decor you own and your favorite books and magazines in style! They can occasionally be used as an appealing storage space.


Dining Room

Extending your tabletop surfaces with a console table in your dining area is yet another expert choice. The functional side of it is an amazing storage place for all your unique cutlery and serveware for guests to notice!



A console table is substitute furniture for a dressing table at times. You may pair it with a good mirror and place your essential jewelry and fragrance collection in style! The table offers a distinct space to set your linens neatly. Add a fancy chair to your elegant console table, and you will have a comfortable workstation!

The Difference Between A Console Table And A Side Table

A console table is tall and rectangular in shape, though the same is referred to as a sofa table when placed behind the sofa. Console tables traditionally have a height between 28 inches to 32 inches.


On the contrary, a side table is placed next to a piece of furniture to place essentials. For instance, most bedrooms have a side table next to the bed. This table is almost the same height as your bed to place your belongings.


Frequently Asked Questions On Console Tables

What Shape Is A Console Table?

Console tables are usually tall and rectangular in shape. However, brands like 2XL Home have refined and timeless varieties of console tables for all kinds of spaces. You can evaluate the functionality, size, placement, and material before choosing the shape of your console table.


What Can Be Placed On Console Tables?

You can choose what to display and what not on console tables. However, table lamps, books, artifacts, and valuable accessories are commonly placed on them. 


How To Design A Console Table?

Design your console table with unique and elegant elements to make it stand out. Use minimal decor and balance natural with artificial components for a one-of-a-kind look.