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  1. Pablo TV Unit
    Special Price AED3,558 Regular Price AED4,745
  2. Rhode TV Unit
    Special Price AED2,569 Regular Price AED3,425
  3. Ancelina TV Unit
    Special Price AED3,596 Regular Price AED4,795
  4. Anneth TV Unit
    Special Price AED2,396 Regular Price AED3,195
  5. Pablo TV Unit
    Special Price AED3,558 Regular Price AED4,745
  6. Shia TV Unit
    Special Price AED2,085 Regular Price AED3,475
  7. Levie TV Unit
    Special Price AED1,123 Regular Price AED2,245
  8. Cove TV Unit
    Special Price AED2,457 Regular Price AED4,095
  9. Amaya TV Unit
    Special Price AED1,856 Regular Price AED3,375
  10. Jazz TV Unit
    Special Price AED4,271 Regular Price AED5,695
  11. Bria Wall Unit
    Special Price AED2,178 Regular Price AED5,445
  12. Kelsey TV Unit
    Special Price AED1,752 Regular Price AED2,695
  13. Treviso TV Unit
    Special Price AED2,643 Regular Price AED3,525


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Explore the Finest TV Units in UAE at 2XL Home

A TV unit isn't just a piece of furniture to hold your TV, it's a key part of your home's personality. It sets the tone for your living room as you and your guests relax and take in the decor. Explore the extensive collection of TV units from 2XL Home and you will be amazed to find the variety to shop from!


From ultra-modern and minimal styles to modular and classy styles with great storage, there’s something for everyone at 2XL Home. 


Before you buy a TV unit, make sure you make an informed choice. We're here to help you out!


First off, there are multiple types of TV units available, like TV stands, TV cabinets, and TV Tables. The major difference between them is the purpose they serve. A TV cabinet is the best choice for storage and flexibility, while a TV table is basically a base for your TV. On the other hand, a TV stand is a comfortable blend of both, giving you storage as well as open shelves to display your decor, books, and more.

Now, let’s move on to other aspects you should consider before you buy a TV unit.

Factors to Consider When Buying A TV Unit


Television Size

Ideally, you should opt for a TV unit that is a minimum of 2 inches extra wide than your TV to fit it comfortably and safely. In addition, ensure that the unit also fits well in your living space and is proportional to the other furniture. For instance, if your sofa set is minimal and modest, choose a TV unit that complements it and doesn’t overpower it or stick out like a sore thumb. 


The next factor to consider is the aesthetic of your interiors. In addition to the proportional sizing, consider the textures, colors, shapes, materials, and other situational factors. An example is that while a wood finished TV unit in warm tones may look appealing, it may not synchronize visually with a living room with contemporary metal finishes and cool colors. An oval-shaped unit may not be cohesive with other angular furniture. Situational factors like having kids in the house will restrict the feasibility of glass-top TV units.


Here’s a pro tip: choose clean, minimal, and neutral-colored TV units for smaller living spaces. It will give you an impression of spaciousness.


Think about why you want a TV unit and what you want to use it for. If you enjoy playing video games on your TV or have a collection of DVDs you are proud of, you may want a unit that has good storage and display options. If you want to flaunt pretty frames with captured moments of your loved ones, decor, or souvenirs, a unit that has open shelves would be more suitable.

Besides the factors listed above, it’s good to also have an understanding of and consider the common materials used in TV units and what would suit your requirements best.

Materials Used in TV Units


Glass TV units add an exceptional contemporary aesthetic to your living space. They’re a great option for smaller rooms as they give an impression of space. However, ensure you opt for toughened/tempered glass so it’s resistant to staining, breaking, and scratching.


Wooden TV units are highly versatile with their natural and earthy aesthetics. They add a touch of warmth to the surroundings and are usually durable. A currently popular option in wood and similar finish is engineered wood/MDF. It is lighter in weight and often easier to maintain.  


Metal is another versatile material for TV units, exuding a chic, stylish, and sleek charm. You can also explore options that include metal and wood for optimum longevity and sustainability, or metal and glass for a more sophisticated and modern look.


Frequently Asked Questions about TV Units

What makes a good TV cabinet?

A good TV cabinet provides excellent storage, support, and comfortable viewing. Your cabinet should ideally be a few inches wider than your TV, have enough room behind it, and feature a mix of closed storage and open shelves. Then, you can prioritize what you want more of, according to your requirements. The TV cabinet should also be proportional to the other furniture in your room and fit seamlessly in the space. Wood is considered to be the best material for TV cabinets.


How big should your TV unit be?

The ideal size of your TV unit depends on the size of your TV and the space in your room. As a standard, your TV unit should be a couple of inches, preferably a minimum of 2 inches, wider than your TV, with ample room at the back (if any). 

How do I choose a TV unit?

To choose the right TV unit, consider factors like your TV size and room area, the aesthetics of your interiors, the functionality you want the unit to serve - whether it’s more storage or more display, or just a minimal display stand for your TV and the friendliness of materials used as per your requirements. For example, glass may not be suitable for homes with kids.