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  1. Danish New 1Seater 94X87X73 Blue
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 2,208 Regular Price AED 2,945
  2. Danish New 1Seater 94X87X73 Offwhite
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 2,283 Regular Price AED 3,045
  3. Miller New 5Seater 400X95X7 1Beige
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 7,346 Regular Price AED 9,795
  4. Miller New 1Seater 92X95X71 Beige
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 2,808 Regular Price AED 3,745
  5. Cardon 1 Seater 85X86X83 Taupe
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 2,921 Regular Price AED 3,895
  6. Cardon 3 Seater 229.8X102.2X88 Taupe
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 6,746 Regular Price AED 8,995
  7. Cardon 4 Seater 274.8X102.2X88 Taupe
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 8,246 Regular Price AED 10,995
  8. Guilia 1Seater 90X105X93Grey
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 3,258 Regular Price AED 4,345
  9. Guilia 4Seater 261X105X96 Grey
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 6,408 Regular Price AED 8,545
  10. Stella 3 Seater
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 7,496 Regular Price AED 9,995
  11. Stella 1 Seater
    (25% off)
    Special Price AED 3,896 Regular Price AED 5,195
  12. Zoila 3 Seater
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    Special Price AED 7,496 Regular Price AED 9,995
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Unconventional Sofa Set Styles For Your Home

As you settle into your living room, the corner sofa becomes the centerpiece for both style and comfort. Its elegant design encourages conversation and engagement and makes a subtle yet sophisticated statement. The choice of materials and fabrics for your sofa set is of the utmost importance as it can truly elevate the room's aesthetic, inviting you and your loved ones to bond in style. As you consider a new sofa set for your living room, let us guide you through making an informed and stylish choice.


And where better to find a personalized range of comfortable and eye-pleasing sofa sets than 2XL Home?


Alongside the sofa set, sofa beds are trending home furnishings across the world. Sofa beds are the best to blend space and storage in your living room. Modern sofa beds offer more storage space. This way, you can skip storage units and have more open space in the living room. At 2XL Home, you can find the best range of sofa bed options.


But what aspects should you consider before purchasing a sofa bed? Here’s a list:


Consider The Following While Purchasing A Sofa Bed


Sofa Material

The preferred materials for a durable sofa bed are typically high-density foam cushions, a sturdy frame made of hardwood or metal, and durable upholstery such as leather or microfiber. Avoiding low-quality materials such as particle board or thin, low-density foam can also help to ensure the longevity of the sofa bed.


The best sofa bed Dubai firms offer may often be huge and functional beds. But a few sophisticated pieces at 2XL Home can perfectly match your living room. They occupy minimal space and serve a dual purpose.


Prepare a value budget that considers all critical and wide-ranging aspects from fabric and size to sofa material. A comfortable and relaxing sofa next to a décor for table in your living room may not always be expensive.


Sofa beds come in an array of fabrics across the globe. However, you must consider your home’s functionality while choosing a fabric. Most preferred fabrics for durable sofa beds are typically strong, durable, and easy to clean. It includes leather, microfibre, linen, cotton, and polyester. Ultimately, the best fabric for a sofa bed will depend on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget.


Different Types Of Sofa Set At 2XL Home

It is said that you must never compromise on investing while buying a sofa and a bed mattress. Because as a human being, you spend most of your cozy times there and you do not have to compromise on the like and choice. 


2XL Home offers you an all-inclusive range of sofa sets for a plush living room that includes:


1-Seater Sofa

2XL Home’s Halsey 1-seater perfectly combines elegance and ergonomics. Its wooden legs, cushiony back padding, and throw pillows align your body in a relaxing posture.

2XL Home 1-seater sofas come in various styles to fit any space. From modern to traditional, these small sofas are perfect for apartments and make a stylish statement. They provide comfortable seating for any room.

2-Seater Sofa

A 2-seater sofa is an appropriate seating choice for a tiny living room. 2XL Home’s 2-Seater sofa set can be easily blended with any décor for table in your living space.

 2XL Home 2-seater sofas offer extra seating, perfect for small rooms and guests. They combine style and functionality, making them a great addition to any home.

3-Seater Sofa

2XL Home’s 3-seater sofa is loaded with additional features and is suitable for all spaces. Our contemporary, traditional, and cozy designs make them ideal for all types of apartments.

Our 3-seater sofa set, expertly crafted with everlasting fabric and materials, is the perfect addition to your daily lifestyle. Its space-saving design makes it a great fit for any room.

4-Seater Sofa

Make a distinct style statement with 2XL Home’s 4-seater corner sofa set. This sofa set offers you ample space to relax with your feet on the couch. This will make an obvious choice for medium and small-sized homes that come alive with hearty conversations.

5-Seater Sofa

The 2XL Home 5-seater luxury sofa collection offers a wide range of designs to suit any style. The sofas are crafted with premium materials and attention to detail, making them comfortable and stylish. 

These 5-seater sofas are perfect for large living rooms or open spaces, providing ample seating for family and guests. The collection features various colors and styles, from traditional to modern, that can easily blend in with any decor.

6-Seater Sofa

2XL Home's 6-seater luxury sofa collection is designed to provide ample space for your family and guests. These sofas are expertly crafted with premium materials and attention to detail, making them not only comfortable but also stylish. They are perfect for large living rooms or open spaces and can accommodate a big group of people. The collection features a range of styles, from traditional to modern, that can easily blend in with any decor.


Which Material Is Apt For Your Corner Sofa Set?

Metal, wood, and plastic are common materials used for sofa sets in the living room. You can select the material as per your usage, budget, and interiors.

Alongside, consider the comfort level of the sofa while selecting a design. This way, you can purchase a durable and relaxing sofa set for your living room.


Frequently Asked Questions On Sofa Sets

What Is the Importance Of A Sofa Set?


A sofa set in your living room can set the ambiance of the entire home. Based on this fundamental furniture, you can select the décor for table, shelves, mantles, and the rest of the room. A sofa set can represent your family’s mood and personality.

How Long Does A Sofa Set Last?

Ideally, any sofa set will last for 7-15 years. However, this durability is based on the quality of the material, the fabric used, and the usage of the sofa set. Often, homes with kids and several visitors experience lesser durability.

Which Type Of Sofa Set Is Comfortable?

The most comfortable sofa set is subjective and depends on personal preference. Factors such as the sofa's size, the cushioning, and the material of the upholstery all play a role in determining its coziness. A good way to test this is to sit on the sofa and try out different positions to see if it supports your body and provides enough cushioning, which you will find in plenty at 2XL Home.