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  1. Maley New Coffee Table Antique Gold
    Special Price AED1,293 Regular Price AED3,695
  2. Cody Coffee Table in Gold to Complete Home Furniture
    Cody Coffee Table in Gold to Complete Home Furniture
    Special Price AED1,036 Regular Price AED1,595
  3. Clara Coffee Table
    Special Price AED1,997 Regular Price AED3,995
  4. Henley Coffee Table
    Special Price AED1,178 Regular Price AED2,945
  5. Graziano Coffee Table
    Special Price AED1,363 Regular Price AED3,895
  6. Studio Coffee Table Brown
    Special Price AED1,350 Regular Price AED3,375
  7. Malia Coffee Table 130X70X45 Gold
    Special Price AED1,497 Regular Price AED2,995
  8. Alfie Coffee Table
    Special Price AED3,371 Regular Price AED4,495
  9. Brin Coffee Table Brown
    Special Price AED1,198 Regular Price AED2,995
  10. Bel Coffee table Silver Height 55cm
    Special Price AED472 Regular Price AED945
  11. Danica Coffee Table Antique 140cm
    Special Price AED1,908 Regular Price AED2,545

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