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  1. Alea Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED1,046 Regular Price AED1,395
  2. Avrie Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED844 Regular Price AED1,125
  3. Camilla Dining Arm Chair
    Special Price AED821 Regular Price AED1,095
  4. Alea Diningchair
    Special Price AED971 Regular Price AED1,295
  5. Camilla Dining Arm Chair
    Special Price AED821 Regular Price AED1,095
  6. Iris Dining Arm Chair
    Special Price AED881 Regular Price AED1,175
  7. Iris Dining Arm Chair
    Special Price AED934 Regular Price AED1,245
  8. Carti Serving Trolley
    Special Price AED1,721 Regular Price AED2,295
  9. Montroi Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED767 Regular Price AED1,095
  10. Ravi Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED823 Regular Price AED1,175
  11. Toro Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED697 Regular Price AED995
  12. Cruise Dining Chair
    Special Price AED669 Regular Price AED955
  13. Toro Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED697 Regular Price AED995
  14. Cruise Dining Chair
    Special Price AED669 Regular Price AED955
  15. Ozni Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED934 Regular Price AED1,245
  16. Aubrie Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED709 Regular Price AED945
  17. Frankie Dining Chair
    Special Price AED521 Regular Price AED695
  18. Andy Dining Armchair
    Special Price AED777 Regular Price AED1,195


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2XL Home | Best Selling Designer Dining Room Furniture At A Glance

The dining table is the cornerstone of any well-designed home. Apart from dining together, it is a space where family and friends gather to spend quality time. Whether to relax over a cup of tea or have endless conversations - the dining room is a space where you enjoy memorable moments with your loved ones.

A furnished dining room will ensure that the time spent is enjoyable for all. And the best way to achieve this look is by finding the right fit for your space. It includes choosing dining tables, chairs, dining sets and lots more to match the style and ambience of your home. Moreover, it should be able to provide a comfortable and hassle-free experience when hosting guests for any occasion!

If you are looking to design your dream home or add new dining room furniture to your space - here are some of the best options for you to get inspired!

Dining Table

Choosing furniture is all about personal choice. And shopping for a dining table is no different. From modern to minimalistic, traditional and more - there are plenty of options for you to unfold to select what you want, down to the last detail!

A round oval-style dining table is ideal for intimate family gatherings! On the other hand, a wide or a rectangle-shaped design is ideal for accommodating a bigger crowd.

Dining Chair

A dining chair is a key to creating a comfortable and cosy vibe. Not only does it complement your dining table but it also sets the ambience of your space.

Factors such as material and style matter because they determine their durability and ambience. Urban or traditional - we bring you an array of options to explore - to find your perfect match today.

Dining Set

Investing in well-designed place settings is one of the best ways to elevate your dining room to a whole new level! From selecting the plates to cutleries, glasses and more - every element matters to give a grand look.

And you're on the hunt for the finest dining set collection - 2XL Home is your go-to! Find the best dining sets for your dining room to spend blissful moments with your loved ones today!


Spruce up your dining room to give it a fresh look with our furniture series. A buffet cabinet is an ideal setup for your dining room. It comes with shelves and drawers and is typically used to store placemats and plating. Choose a buffet cabinet that complements your style, furniture, and other accents.

Serving Trolleys

Serving trolleys are a great way to make your dining room more efficient. They're the perfect addition to the dining room because they provide storage without taking up much room and are ideal for serving drinks and appetizers with zero hassle. If you prefer more understated decor, there are many contemporary options as well as plenty of retro-inspired glass and brass designs to choose from.

Bar Stools

Whether you're setting up a dining room bar, adding seating to a kitchen counter, breakfast bar, or simply making your home more comfortable - having the right counter or bar stool is crucial. Enjoy endless conversations with friends and family without compromising your comfort with our cosy seating options today.


What type of dining table design is ideal for a home?

Rectangular dining tables are ideal for large-scale gatherings. Their linear design also makes it convenient to move around the table comfortably. Round tables are perfect for a small and intimate dining experience.


How wide should my dining room table be?

Majority of dining tables come with standard dimensions. The usual width and height are 36-40 inches and 29-31 inches, respectively. The length varies according to the number of people seated at the table.


What type of chair should I buy for my dining room?

Wood dining chairs with a touch of velvet are ideal for homes with a traditional look. Metal dining chairs add a contemporary feel and can be used to elevate any urban space.

Our Como Dining Chair, Dorothy Dining Chair, and Elle Gold Dining Chair can easily blend in with any modern or traditional setting.