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  1. Como Buffet-Brown
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  4. Paral Buffet Black
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  5. Lutz Buffet
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  6. Lutz Buffet
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  10. Last Chance
    Marin Buffet
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  11. Astro Buffet
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  12. Jazz Buffet
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All About Buffet Tables and Sideboards


If you’re a true connoisseur, you’d know the importance of buffet tables and sideboards as display furniture for your drawing or dining room. Besides adding to the decor, they also act as highly functional storage solutions. At 2XL Home, you can explore the most elegant designs in buffets and sideboards that will not only enhance dinner party arrangements but also add oodles of classiness to your home decor. 


Buy Elegant Buffet tables & Sideboards at 2XL Home


Elevate your home by adding an elegant buffet table to your space. In a dining room, buffet tables are usually long, low pieces of furniture used to store and display items. Additionally, you can use it to serve food. These buffet tables and sideboards are often placed in living rooms, entryways, and hallways as storage and display pieces.

They mainly serve as storage units for dishes, flatware, linen, etc., that you generally reserve for special occasions. The top surface can be used to display decorative accents, such as candles, lamps, and artwork, in a symmetrical arrangement. 


Selecting the Perfect Buffet Tables & Sideboards


Choose a buffet table that complements your dining room furniture. Buffets should also be able to store frequently used items in the dining room while guests are seated at the table. Consider getting a buffet or side table with glass cabinet doors or open shelves if you have a small dining room. These appear lighter and lend an airy ambience. On the other hand, for spacious dining rooms, closed cabinetry that is bigger in size would be ideal.


In addition to their decorative function, buffets and sideboards should also be considered in terms of their functionality. Think about what you're looking for at the buffet and make your selection according to that. Some may want storage space for only napkins, cutlery, plates, placemats, etc., while others may be looking to accommodate bulkier items such as vases or fairly large containers. Therefore, buffets should have doors and adjustable shelves. Some buffets have unique features as well, such as a dry bar, a marble top, etc. 


The Difference Between Buffets & Sideboards


While buffets and sideboards are largely similar—both offering fairly low and elongated storage spaces - there is a distinct difference between the two. In a dining room, a sideboard is referred to as a buffet. When the same item is moved to the living room, it is called a sideboard. Although both serve the key purpose of storing essentials, how you intend to use them should determine their features. If you're decorating the dining room, you should choose furniture with short and stubby legs and a display hutch. On the other hand, the buffet for the dining room should have higher legs, typically with no hutch. 


Size of Buffet tables & Sideboards


When choosing a buffet table or sideboard, it's important not to make it look too big or too tiny when compared to your dining table or living room furniture. Make sure there are at least 24 inches between the furniture pieces to facilitate undisrupted circulation. Also, there should be adequate space between the table and the buffet so that your guests can comfortably pull out their chairs. Ideally, your buffet should have a height that allows you to serve food from the top effortlessly. Most buffets and sideboards have an average height of 34-38 inches. Also, note that your buffet should be taller than 28-30 inches, which is the average height of dining tables.


Material of Buffet Tables & Sideboards


Most buffets and sideboards are made of wood, be it of any variety. The accents or details, however, can be made using different materials such as metal, glass, etc. Ideally, the material should be both sturdy and visually appealing. The safest option is to look for the type of wood the dining table is made from, or opt for a contrasting colour. For example, a mahogany buffet with a light oak tone will complement a light oak dining table beautifully.


The Colour of Buffet Tables


The colour of buffet tables can either match your dining table set or create a stark contrast against it for an offbeat finish. It can be brightly painted or have a pastel feel and a creamy texture. While some like their buffet tables to share the same style and finish as the dining table, others prefer bright contrasting colors. Additionally, you can consider unconventional choices with your furniture selection, such as adding a vintage-style buffet to a contemporary room. 2XL Home offers a wide range of buffet table colors to suit a variety of tastes. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Buffet Tables 


What is the standard size of a buffet table?

The standard height of a buffet table is 34 inches, while its width is 24 inches. The depth can be anywhere between 20 and 22 inches. 


What do you put on the buffet table?

A buffet table should ideally hold two to three dinner plates per person, along with one dessert plate per person. If you’re serving a full-service meal, make sure you use a 10 ¼ inches plate for the main course, a 9 inches plate for salads/appetisers, and a 6-7 inches plate each for bread and dessert.


Should the buffet be taller than the dining table?

If possible, the buffet or sideboard should be taller by a few inches than the dining table. The average height of a buffet or sideboard ranges from 30-36 inches.